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  1. AHHH. I actually figured it out. The search query was kind of buried in the url, but I was able to get it. THANK YOU! I have much to learn.
  2. Apologies in advance for what may be a basic question. I'd like to create a workflow that takes me to the results of a search query from an online database. Doing the task manually (without Alfred), I would enter in the database web address and go to the page. Once landing on the page, there is a search icon. If I hit "/", then the search bar will activate, and then I can type in the name of the person I am searching for. I'd love to set up a workflow where all the above is automated ... where I could type the keyword to reference the web page, then hit space and type in the name of the person I am searching for ... hit enter ... I am taken to that person's exact record. Hoping that makes sense! Any advice?
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