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  1. Wonderful workflow. I prefer that it won’t jump to the end of line after pasting the edited text back because I’ll lost track of where my previous paragraph position. I removed that particular line in ew_paste.scpt but I think it’s better to make it as a default behavior.
  2. Can anyone force the files/folders search to open in new tab instead of creating new window?
  3. What method do you use to search the folder? By default, Alfred limits the search to Applications, Contacts, Bookmarks, and Preferences. You can use “find” command to search documents, or alternatively include more results in Alfred Preferences → Features tab.
  4. I’m unable to move file or folder name containing dollar sign followed by numbers with Action in the latest build (150). For example, I can move file named “$” with no problem, but if I use “$50” for the filename, Alfred will ignore the Move action.
  5. I have problem with the echo returning an extra break line by using osascript. Any clues?
  6. I don’t know about others, but I like to use Alfred search as a temporary holder for me to edit snippets. For example, when I copy a paragraph and I’m too lazy to use text editor, I simply paste it in search field and edit it. I wonder if Alfred 2 can make adaptive search field so text will get wrapped and resized when it can no longer be fit into. I think it’ll be useful when we paste several paragraph, edit it, and have the option to create snippet immediately. The main point is not to use Alfred search field as editing tool, instead, it’s to ensure Alfred can display search query and parameter that is too long, for example in “speak” command.
  7. Just in case anyone need encounter problem with Reveal in Finder with Alfred, it’s not Alfred’s fault. You need to relaunch Finder and kill some process. I’ve included the workflow download link here with some bonus: http://d.pr/f/xrvs I’ve explained it in my post: Let me know if you find it useful.
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