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  1. David D'uh ! I've just realised what I was doing wrong.... instead of putting the actual script in I just had the full path to the script....the same as when you run an app or file.... Yes, now I see that it says "Script" but it didnt occur to me when I set it up. I first did all the apps and files so it made sense to me at the time. All sorted now.... thanks for you help. cheers K
  2. David You're probably right but the script has worked fine for me in Alfred 1 for years. The other script, which launches Minuteur, is so simple and just nothing happens. I'm looking for help to make it run at all. Starting from pressing the circle with a plus in it in Workflow. Do I use Action ? Output? and what sub options within those selections. Thanks K
  3. Andrew Here's the shortest one - it starts the timer app to countdown 10 minutes. In Alfred 1 I use Shift-F8 to activate tell application "Minuteur" activate (StartCountdown 1000) end tell And here's a Mail one to move selected emails to my Done folder. In Alfred 1 I use Shift-F2 to activate tell application "Mail" set s to selection repeat with eachMessage in s set read status of eachMessage to true move eachMessage to mailbox "Done" end repeat end tell So there's not much happening in them. I'm running os 10.7.5 Alfred V2.0.2(178) thanks
  4. Hi I've been moving all my hotkeys over to V2. I can get all the apps and files to open OK, but none of my Applescripts are working. (Three of my applescripts do stuff in Mail for the currently selected email, and one other launches app Minuteur and passes a number to it). I've tried both run script with usr/bin/osascript selected and run NSapplescript What do I have to do ? thanks k
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