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  1. @GuiB What kind of coffee do you like?
  2. I see this one is still available from https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/10917-cardhop-workflow/?do=findComment&comment=56437 https://nofile.io/f/ObcZMuqzaGT/gbCardhop.alfredworkflow Looking forward to trying this out!
  3. This looks like a great workflow @GuiB but the link nofile.io link is a 404 currently.
  4. Thanks much for that @Andrew. I am having the same issue with their latest beta though I hadn't previously. Setting the path directly hasn't helped so I am not sure what data Alfred app sees. The 3rd party file is valid JSON and looks like it is being updated as well.
  5. iTerm2 and zsh user, worked out of the box. Thanks much!
  6. Thanks for the update! Was their a specific reason you went to ruby instead? Just curious. Perhaps the fuzzy search capability?
  7. It's working as expected for me.
  8. Just pulled a new repo. Anything in Alfred's debug log for you?
  9. Hmm are you on build 238?
  10. Were you checking this file? ~/Library/Application Support/com.fournova.Tower2/bookmarks.plist
  11. Creating a repo will not show it immediately within Alfred App as I believe it updates after a restart
  12. Just created a couple pull requests. Thanks again for putting this together.
  13. Will do. They are very responsive and may answer that. In fact I first saw a workflow like this for SourceTree which I also use but I prefer Tower. And much more so now with v2. * disclaimer: I don't work for Tower but I have submitted many reports. When I asked about searching repos like that for Tower they pointed me here. The only changes I made besides making the keyword shorter, like you did for your v2, was to add CMD to browse in Alfred, SHIFT to reveal in Finder, ALT to open in Terminal, and CTRL to open in Sublime. Very helpful.
  14. Hey there @cjlucas. Thanks for making this. I used it quite a bit with v1. V2 has updated and moved some things around even though the original plist is available still. I see "~/Library/Application Support/com.fournova.Tower2/bookmarks.plist" but haven't had time to go through and update how tower.py searches it. The database is also there: "~/Library/Application Support/Tower/UserRepositories.sqlite3". I won't have any time real soon but if I do get to it I'll submit a pull request on your github repo.
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