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  1. can you multiquote on this forum without having to copy paste stuff?
  2. LOL alright. i'll have a look this week.
  3. i'm lazy coz i just build exactly for my needs 😃️ you lucky. i built the dash docset builder for people like you! can build your own docset 😂️ (your pine thing is just one page?)
  4. 5.0.0 release. Apple Music in Macau lost some albums so had to use KAT. but ended up with lots of porn links. so added #tags. links in first page. P.S.: tags only work at the end coz i'm lazy. P.S.2.: wrong tags will return nothing. coz i'm lazy.
  5. hi. can you report on the repository here: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-music-volume/issues thanks. i'll try to have a look. but no AirPlay 2 devices here. but basically the Workflow just tells Music or iTunes to change its master volume. it should change all the volumes for all the devices ticked under AirPlay icon. can you check that all that setup seems correct?
  6. hey thanks! only scratching the surface for now, i'm going through 100 days of Swift (https://www.hackingwithswift.com/100) at slow pace. not in a rush, and need to get used to the syntax. keeping your links for dessert!
  7. alright, thanks. i like learning new things but i also only learn things i'm gonna use for use. i'm thinking about building something for macOS, so i'm wondering. seems Swift should be the way to go. i played a bit with Objective-C a few years back but definitely not enough knowledge, so it would make sense to go directly for Swift i guess. then i thought maybe i can also compile stuff for Alfred? anyways, just thinking out loud. thanks again.
  8. @deanishe any experience with Swift? having a look around and types available seem very similar to Python.
  9. ahhhh yes, you're right. i probably check if there's a timer already running each time the script is launched. now it's coming back to me. the first version of the Workflow had a lame cache system that would avoid this, but that brought other problems. i decided to go for less issues, but also less optimized, matching selfishly the way i use the Workflow (restart past timers). makes me thing i should add comments in my code, not about what the code does, but about why it does it. thanks! although, the Alfred Music Volume one should be another totally different issue. ma
  10. fuck. instant feedback. your SSH Workflow. amazing. both on my 2020 MacBook Pro but also on my late 2012 iMac 27. my Time Workflow is slow on both machines 😂️ that's excellent. i had no idea. it's very hard with your Workflow to miss the last few letters typed. super nice experience. dilemma. i've been through several books of Python in order to develop and help maintain some plugins for Sublime Text. thought it might help for Alfred Workflows too, but now it doesn't seem so. i have zero knowledge of Go, and not sure i wanna go through another language. thought my PHP libraries to
  11. but that happens because of the "Terminate previous script" option. the script doesn't have time to run and return the items to be displayed. if i switch to "Wait until previous script finishes", then you see the changes "live", with a little delay. the same delay as with the "Terminate previous script". but in the latter case i'm not calling the script 300 million times 😂️ or maybe i'm completely out of my mind and don't get it. which is a strong possibility.
  12. checked. i already had set those settings. smart. my script then. actually i couldn't say how long is the delay after the last character. 50ms? 200ms? no idea. anyways, works for now. will investigate again at the next Workflow. yeah, a few years back. that's probably why the doc hasn't changed since 2016. a pity. and it doesn't seem to go in the right direction 😭️😭️😭️
  13. yeah ok, so nothing new here. i'm pretty sure i've been through that before but couldn't make things run smoother. thanks for the time @deanishe!
  14. btw is it just me or Big Sur menubar menus suck big time? i can't access items through AppleScript, and not even navigate through basic keyboard arrow keys. UI is good but UX seems really going backwards.
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