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  1. I rely on being able to determine where in the expansion the cursor ends up after a shortcut is expanded. This is a feature which exists in other text-expanding software such as TextExpander and aText. For example: nX => Notex - {cursor} - {date:yyyy-MM-dd} This is a file naming system that I use for text notes.
  2. The pass password manager (http://www.passwordstore.org) is a password manager that aims to use primarily existing unix tools such as GPG and git to store and sync passwords. What attracted me to pass is that I want my passwords to sync between my phone and my computer, and I want that syncing to be free (I have used LastPass for a while, but have just been opening the mobile website whenever I needed a password—not a great solution). Pass offers that, with a standard format usable by an Android app and an iOS app. Pass has a quite good user interface for a command-line tool, including a
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