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  1. Sounds good _mk_. Hopefuly in your next post I will see how to easily implement handling many projects and "comples" folders hierarchies. Lookig foward to it _mk_. Thanks.
  2. Hi _mk_, perfect....just read it and seems very interesting. Looking forward to your next posts as I will see how easy it will be to implement this system since I have waaaayyyyyy so many projects. Thanks!!!!
  3. Oh! Sounds perfect. What is the link to your blog? Thanks _mk_
  4. _mk_, this may be off topic, but at the beginning of this thread you made a coment that you plan your work around "Getting Results" instead of GTD. Could you share some of your thoughts around how you have implemented using omnifocus and how it has helped you? Thanks.
  5. Hi _mk_, now it's working!!! Thanks a lot....you are amazing.
  6. _mk_ I am assuming you are referring to the perspective window.....if so, see this one: http://www.screencast.com/t/7jkBoluig In reality is not working for any of my custom built perspectives. Thanks,
  7. _mk_, I just tried the OF built in perspectives and it works. It seems it does not work for the perspectives I created.
  8. _mk_ actually, it takes me to my inbox perspective....does not matter which perspective I choose on Alfred to focus on, it always goes to this one perspective.
  9. _mk_, I wanted to tell you that tried focus on project and focus on folder and both work. I also tried the focus on perspective and that one takes me to the inbox instead of the intended perspective.
  10. _mk_ THANK YOU!!!! As I mentioned, your workflow was the main reason I came to Alfred from the launchbar. Focus on Project and Focus on Folders are 2 important aspects of how I use omnifocus. I sincerely appreciate your adding these features. Again, thank you.
  11. Perfect _mk_, this will allow me to keep using Alfred....I was already thinking of coming back to launchbar as I depend a lot on omnifocus searches....I have a LOT OF folders. The neat thing about the the launchbar scripts I have is that they allow you to search by folders and by projects. You can enter any part of the name of the folder or project and then gives you a list of candidates for those names. You hit enter and it gives you an omnifocus window with the project or folder being focused. Very neat. Thanks again _mk_ for considering this on your new release....already looking forward to it as I am liking the Alfred App a lot.
  12. Hi _mk_, to be honest, your workflow was the main reason I switched to alfred from launchbar. I installed your workflow and notice something I was able to do in launchbar with some scripts that I thought I may be able to do with your workflow and I am wondering if indeed I can. Find a project, then click enter and the project would open in omnifocus (focused). I see that you workflow allows that on the tasks but not on the projects. The other thing is finding folders and showing them directly on omnifocus (focused). Since I am new with alfred and your workflow, could I accomplish these with your workflow right now? If not, do you know of any other workflow that allow you to find projects and folders and displaying them on omnifocus? Thanks!!!!
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