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  1. drking

    Finding email

    Hi Vero, Yes, in the mail.app emails. When I type "emfrom" or "em" and then various contacts (or search terms) that I know are in the mail.app, Alfred pulls up the google search. Thanks for responding and for all your help.
  2. drking

    Finding email

    Hi Vero, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. When I use the work flow and type any of the three keywords followed by my search term, I am getting the default google search each time?
  3. drking

    Lost workflows on update to 2.0.3

    Thanks @chsweb, helped me too!
  4. drking

    OS X Graphite

    I am really enjoying this. Thanks!
  5. drking

    Pocket workflow with oAuth login

    Works great! Thanks!
  6. drking


    @yoose: I can confirm this. Same happens here. I've also tried taking away the word "at" but still shows 12am
  7. @kelpie: You're welcome. Good to know it helped.
  8. @kelpie: You may try this-- Start up the Devonthink application. After a few minutes, quit the application. (this will populate the metadata folder located at ' Library > Cache > Metadata' with Devonthink's data). Then try your search again in Alfred. I notice I have to do this after using a cleaning program like Onyx or similar.
  9. _mk_ This morning I completed all my tasks in the Inbox and marked them off. (they were all regular tasks -- no sub tasks, no dates applied) So this morning, I started fresh and added 14 tasks to the inbox. Now, everything works fine -- all my tasks are showing up in Alfred as they should. It seems like everything is working okay now, but I'll continue to keep an eye out if I run across it again. Now to update to the latest version I see was posted today....This workflow is super fantastic!
  10. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but when I type .ofti, I think I'm supposed to get a view of my inbox, correct? Right now, I have 11 tasks in my inbox, but only 3 are showing up with this keyword. Thanks for a great workflow and any guidance you can provide me.
  11. drking

    NEW: Spotlight Revamped

    I love this theme! The font is really awesome with it, too.
  12. drking

    An unremarkable assortment of themes

    Every one of these themes are pretty darn awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  13. drking

    Alfred Forum recent posts

    Thanks! Works great now