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  1. Hi Vero, Yes, in the mail.app emails. When I type "emfrom" or "em" and then various contacts (or search terms) that I know are in the mail.app, Alfred pulls up the google search. Thanks for responding and for all your help.
  2. Hi Vero, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. When I use the work flow and type any of the three keywords followed by my search term, I am getting the default google search each time?
  3. Thanks @chsweb, helped me too!
  4. drking

    OS X Graphite

    I am really enjoying this. Thanks!
  5. @yoose: I can confirm this. Same happens here. I've also tried taking away the word "at" but still shows 12am
  6. @kelpie: You may try this-- Start up the Devonthink application. After a few minutes, quit the application. (this will populate the metadata folder located at ' Library > Cache > Metadata' with Devonthink's data). Then try your search again in Alfred. I notice I have to do this after using a cleaning program like Onyx or similar.
  7. _mk_ This morning I completed all my tasks in the Inbox and marked them off. (they were all regular tasks -- no sub tasks, no dates applied) So this morning, I started fresh and added 14 tasks to the inbox. Now, everything works fine -- all my tasks are showing up in Alfred as they should. It seems like everything is working okay now, but I'll continue to keep an eye out if I run across it again. Now to update to the latest version I see was posted today....This workflow is super fantastic!
  8. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but when I type .ofti, I think I'm supposed to get a view of my inbox, correct? Right now, I have 11 tasks in my inbox, but only 3 are showing up with this keyword. Thanks for a great workflow and any guidance you can provide me.
  9. Every one of these themes are pretty darn awesome! Thanks for sharing.
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