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  1. I guess that the email option is another way to send out iMessages to your friends. Normally, those email addresses could be your friend's Apple Ids. However, you could nominate a phone number or email address as the only target and opt out all other options for a person using "nomination". Check out this for details: http://unicall.guiguan.net/usage.html#messages-call
  2. v6.031 (09/03/15) Fixed a bug that could automatically add phonetic names for non-Chinese names when Uni Call starts
  3. v6.03 (09/03/15) Minor fix for WeChat Call Improved international name support: by normalising Unicode characters to their single code point representation at very beginning. This solves searching issues with non-standard English alphabet names, such as German, Chinese, Japanese or Korean.
  4. Nice to hear that, haha. Not at all. Please introduce Uni Call to your friends I am going to make a release soon about this fix.
  5. Hi ycy3723, Thank you my friend. Your screenshots were pretty helpful. It turned out that the problem was indeed unicode grapheme cluster problem, where a Korean character could sometime be represented by multiple unicode code points and other times be represented by just a single unicode point. Although they all represent the same Korean character, they were treated differently in Uni Call. Now I normalised all query string at the very beginning, so it should work now. Could you please try out this build that I compiled just for you to test out? Let me know how it goes. Best regards, Guan
  6. but when you type "callm + NAME" then hit return, Uni Call leads you directly to Messagesā€˜ text box, from where you can type your messages and just hit return for sending. This is exactly what you want So adding an extra UI (text box) in between is redundant.
  7. Hi ycy3723, Could you please provide me a concrete example with Korean characters (like what's the search string, what's the Korean names) so that I can tackle this problem on my machine? My first guess is something related to unicode grapheme cluster problem. Cheers, Guan
  8. Yes, I can add it in the future version. The syntax will be something like: callm TARGET NAME //hello world!. What do you think?
  9. Hi mrgreen, Hmm. I am afraid this is a bug of packal. I did update the corresponding packal information every time when I released a new version of Uni Call. But from your screenshots, it seems packal is still keeping an old version of Uni Call. I recommend you to rely on Uni Call's auto update checking feature (http://unicall.guiguan.net/#upgrade) for future versions. Thank you for your support.
  10. Hi tbnv, You may be right. Although Uni Call is expected to support unicode characters nicely, I may miss considering some of them. Could you please give me a concrete example? Like what accentuated characters did you type in Uni Call? And what were the names (names in accentuated characters or so) in your Apple Contacts that you were trying to search for? By providing me these things, I could work out a bug fix. Thank you for your support.
  11. Uni Call is built for Apple Contacts (iCloud). However, it looks that BusyContact can sync with iCloud. You may use iCloud as the bridge to bring Uni Call to BusyContact. Is there a dedicated app on Mac OS X to support fax-via-email? Uni Call needs to communicate with such app in order to implement such functionality. -g
  12. At the moment, using URL scheme, the only way to select the right target in Messages is to create a new thread, but after you actually send out a message, it will join existing conversation.
  13. If you are manually upgrading from an old version, please kill the old "Uni Call Satellite" process before proceeding.
  14. Uni Call v6.02 is released

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