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  1. I was able to easily create a Finder -> VS Code addition by just replacing "Sublime Text" with "Visual Studio Code" inside the applescript file! Thanks @iEnno! !
  2. Just wanted to say thanks @vdesabou for writing this up! It works great on my machine
  3. Hi @squatto! Thanks for making this workflow! I was really excited to use it; I got my first 2fa code today after downloading your workflow, but it doesn't seem to work for items like this: `1592 is your code ...` Is something broken on my side? Thanks again!
  4. I just want to say that this workflow is incredible. Thanks @deanishe!!
  5. Throwing in my two-cents, I learn best by dissecting other people's workflows and seeing how they work. Lately, I've been dissecting the Alfred Todoist Workflow which is showing me how someone wrote a workflow using Typescript. I obviously wouldn't recommend this workflow to someone just starting out, but since I code in typescript for my day job, it was quite interesting to see someone structure a workflow app using Typescript. If you're just starting out, there are some great workflow examples built into Alfred. When you press the plus button in the workflows tab, there are "Getting Started" and "Example" workflows.
  6. It's a bit late, so I might just be doing something dumb... But anyways, I have this code in my Script Filter: #!/usr/bin/env bash export PATH="$PATH:$node_path:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin" node $node_flags javascript-file.js comments "{var:task}" And I'm getting this error: Code 1: undefined:1 {var:task} ^ SyntaxError: Unexpected token t in JSON at position 1 I have an Alfred Variable Object assigning the `task` variable to a value, but I'm not sure how to use it. Could I get some help? Thanks!!
  7. @godbout works for me! Thanks for writing this, that's a pretty gnarly script you have going on for retrieving the bluetooth info 😀
  8. Hey @noki, I imagine that Mac probably updated the contacts app in Mojave to get numbers in a smart way (or maybe totally eradicated the API in the newest OS, given their track record). I'm still on El Capitan, so I have no idea sadly... I guess theoretically it must be possible, as UniCall has been doing it for a while. I just never dived into the code base itself to look. -Nolan
  9. Hey @vdesabou I love the workflow that you made! Makes playing Spotify music so much more convenient ? May I ask if there is any way to turn off notifications for music that is playing? Just my personal preference, I really don't like notifications. I don't mind going into the code and changing something if that's necessary. Thanks again! Nolan
  10. Not sure if this is resurrecting an old thread, but there's a workflow now for Amphetamine! http://www.packal.org/workflow/amphetamine-control
  11. Thanks for the workflow, works perfect for me! I wish thesaurus.com had an api to hook into, but for now words.bighugelabs.com will do.
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