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  1. Hey @noki, I imagine that Mac probably updated the contacts app in Mojave to get numbers in a smart way (or maybe totally eradicated the API in the newest OS, given their track record). I'm still on El Capitan, so I have no idea sadly... I guess theoretically it must be possible, as UniCall has been doing it for a while. I just never dived into the code base itself to look. -Nolan
  2. Hey @vdesabou I love the workflow that you made! Makes playing Spotify music so much more convenient ? May I ask if there is any way to turn off notifications for music that is playing? Just my personal preference, I really don't like notifications. I don't mind going into the code and changing something if that's necessary. Thanks again! Nolan
  3. Not sure if this is resurrecting an old thread, but there's a workflow now for Amphetamine! http://www.packal.org/workflow/amphetamine-control
  4. Actually, I realized that after I run `init emoji`, the workflow breaks and I can't find/use the workflow anymore (which explains my first comment). Is this still working for you on your local machine?
  5. Hey @jeffsui , this looks great! I was actually looking for a taco emoji and I stumbled upon this workflow! I used to make workflows in the past, but its been a while and I have a question. How do I change the keyword for the workflow? When I type `e`, too many other things pop up and I don't see your workflow. Thanks!
  6. Hi @mburchett2, could you elaborate a bit more on that? Do you mean that it's not working for you on Alfred 3? Did you download the latest version on the front page? What error are you seeing exactly? Thanks!
  7. Hi @amoose136, yup I was a huge fan of your script and included your name in my change log since I basically took your code (haha). I'm glad you figured out how to use the new functionality with contacts in Alfred 3, I haven't been keeping up with it. I'd love to take a look at your new code when it comes out!
  8. Hey everyone, I know this update is comically late, but if you were still interested in an Alfred 3 working version, I've uploaded it. I've changed the contact search to use OSX's contact list to make it a bit simpler to start on the app. If you've moved onto another workflow, let me know as well so other people can discover them! -Nolan
  9. Hi az566, zimbo, The update to Alfred 3 broke my workflow. Ultimately though, my workflow has also been surpassed by different and better workflows (example http://www.alfredfor...red/?hl=unicall) so I would recommend using theirs. Thank you for supporting my project! -Nolan
  10. Haha, if it helps you use more scripture in your life, that makes me happy
  11. Hey frankspin, I'm really liking the development on the slack workflow! I was wondering if you will support direct messaging on the workflow any time soon? If not, I don't mind looking into it, unless you've already started. Thanks, Nolan
  12. Hey guiguan, When I use your messaging part of the UniCall workflow, it creates a new message every time. Normally this isn't a problem per se, but it's a little annoying because I have to pause a little while before I can type, since iMessage is busy creating a new message. Not sure if this is a problem that only I'm experiencing, but I fixed the problem by taking out this line in your `openimessagetarget.scpt` show chat chooser for targetBuddy But if there's a good reason for this line, I'd love to know -Nolan
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