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  1. Great thank you Vero. If I add com.apple.notes.externalrecord to my default search criteria will Alfred always search Notes.app? Tim
  2. Hello, I can't seem to get Alfred to return the contents of Apple notes in the search results. It works fine with Spotlight. I have included ~library/containers/com.apple.notes in my search scope in Alfred. Is this a configuration issue or a known limitation of Alfred? Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks, Tim
  3. Hello I use Uniclal to dial Skype number and have found it to be quite useful. However has suddenly stopped working and I noticed no changes since 2015. I wrote to the developer on the uncial GitHub site but no response. Does anyone else use this and know if this workflow still supported.
  4. Hello is Uni Call still supported and functional? I use this quite a bit for Skype calling and it seems to no longer be working...
  5. WOW... No end to pleasant surprises in Alfred..... Thanks, Tim
  6. Hello, I often use Alfred to quickly verify someones contact information when I am in for example an e-mail message. It would be great if one of the options when displaying contact information in Alfred was to edit that contact in the contacts.app. Now I have to exit the Alfred contact information, open contacts, search for the name, edit, then make the changes. Would be great if I could simply to CMD E from within Alfred contact to edit the contact. Anyone else interested in something like this? Tim
  7. Hello Andrew, Thank you for your response, I did as you suggested and went into Alfred to reset the sync folder for the preferences to Dropbox but it was already set to Dropbox, Alfred asked if I wanted to keep the existing folder, to which I replied yes. To your first question, I don't have anything, that I am aware of, which would be "cleaning up" that particular folder. I also checked my trash and didn't see any an alfred preferences file in there. Can I safely restore a time machine backup of that file and replace it in my dropbox folder? If so are there any particular precautions I should take before doing so? Thank you, Tim
  8. I just upgraded to 2.0.3(187) from (186) and it seems that all of my custom web searches have been lost and the web searches which I have disabled have been reenabled. has anyone else experienced this? I have my configuration sync'd via Dropbox with another computer which is running the same release.
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