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  1. Thanks again, Vitor. I have tried everything you suggested with no luck. I checked the Full Disk Permissions: Then I deleted the RecentlyAdded Workflow completely and reinstalled it. It is version v2022.2. Next I went to the Environment Variables as you suggested: After all this I even quit Alfred 5 and started it back up. When I try to run rda I still get this: I wouldn't keep bothering you about this but this is one of my favorite workflows! I would love to get it working again.
  2. Thank you for the quick reply. I'm sorry I must still be not understanding because when I do what you suggested, those directories are listed already exactly as you wrote. And yet rda will not list the most recently added files to my ~/Downloads directory. Do I need to click the "Don't Export" checkbox? I read in an earlier post that you suggested that someone's upgrade borked their permissions and you told him/her to reinstall the workflow. I can try that if you think it will help.
  3. I had this workflow going fine until my computer had to be wiped and Ventura installed fresh. Now every time I use rda in Alfred 4 I get this error message: Directory does not exist! Check your configured directories. I'm not sure what changed. I don't remember configuring directories before; it just worked. When I go to the Alfred 4 preferences->Features, the search scope looks right... that is, all my home folders are included in the search scope. Any ideas what I can do to get this workflow back up and running?
  4. I know you usually use hot keys to toggle Alfred, but I'm wondering if there is a shell command to do that. I'm trying to use a 3rd-party app called Karabiner-Elements to make customized keyboard shortcuts for my non-apple keyboard, but that app disables all other hot keys until set them back up within the app. So I need to map the usually Alfred hot key sequence an actual command that can be run. The executable /Applications/Alfred 4/Contents/Mac OS/Alfred turns Alfred itself off and on, but I'm asking just about toggling that window open and closed. I'm not sure I'm being clear, so please ask if clarification is needed.
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