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  1. Hi, Vero, Yes, I understand. All of the boxes are checked for the snippets I wish to have autoexpand. Some snippets, I do NOT want to autoexpand, so I have not checked their autoexpand box. I have a snippet set to autoexpand. Let's say it is the snippet FOOBAR set to autoexpand to MY DOG HAS FLEAS. I type FOOBAR and press space. My text editor input says: FOOBAR I type it 3 more times. Now my text editor input says: FOOBAR FOOBAR FOOBAR FOOBAR Now I type it a 4th time. This time, it expands, and my text editor input says: FOOBAR FOOBAR FOOBAR FOOBAR MY DOG HAS FLEAS Sometime
  2. I definitely have all the correct permissions set everywhere. I've tried unsetting and re-setting them. After several minutes of just opening snippets, changing them and re-saving them, suddenly the autoexpand is mostly working. Sometimes keywords expand, other times they don't. I have no idea what the rhyme or reason behind it is, though I have a vague feeling that the intermittent nature of the expansions may have something to do with some of my snippets being set to autoexpand and others not.
  3. I know that it's all the rage in 2016 not to document products and rely on inefficient, inaccurate, poorly-written user forums to document a product. But in Alfred's case, I think it's a big mistake. From what I can gather, Workflows are quite powerful. And indeed, you've expanded them significantly in Alfred 3. But for those of us who aren't currently programmers, the documentation is virtually nonexistent, so we just don't use them. There's one overview page saying "here's what trigger/input/output are." Then the next pages are getting into bash script construction, instantly dropping to
  4. I have enabled Alfred 3's accessibility in System Preferences, I have "Automatically Expand Snippets by Keyword" checked in Alfred's preferences, and I have several snippets defined with "Autoexpand" selected for those snippets. They don't autoexpand. They still work with the "snip" keyword, but they don't expand on their own in Textedit or in Notes. I am sad.
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