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  1. the troubleshooter did nothing. However, after stopping and restarting indexing, and waiting I found that Spotlight was still indexing the drive. When that finished, Alfred started finding files again.
  2. File search on Alfred 4 is no longer working. If I look for a file, it finds apps and then refers me to the web. I tried stopping and restarting indexing. This destroys much of the value of the PowerPack.
  3. Running OS X 10.14.6. When I download Alfred 4 it opens a window that shows "Alfred 4" and "Applications", indicating that I should copy one to the other. When I do, nothing happens, and Alfred 4 does NOT show in Applications. I manually opened the DMG in Finder and dragged Alfred 4.app to Applications. I do not think that is how the installation is supposed to work. I now have both Alfred 3 and Alfred 4 apps. When should I delete Alfred 3 ?? Before installing Alfred 4? After running Alfred 4? After buying PowerPack ? After a week? There should be clear installation recommendations somewhere, but I could not find them.
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