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  1. Thanks for this update! I set the OmniFocus DB location per the installation instructions but the workflow is giving me this error (even though the directory does exist). Any ideas? EDIT → WORKAROUND FOUND After you run "find-of-db" you will need to remove the line breaks that are getting inserted where they don't belong before running "set-of-db" Issue is here: https://github.com/rhydlewis/alfred-search-omnifocus/issues/9
  2. Ha ha, well aren't I proving myself to be clueless. Thanks for the perl.. way easier to understand and see how to modify this for other purposes. Updating all links as you suggested.
  3. Thanks, that helped a lot! nl didn't give me the formatting I wanted so I found an awk command that did. One thing that seems like it might be a but is the workflow is leaving escaped spaces "\" in the output. Here is the finished workflow.
  4. I want to create a workflow that will take selected text in a document, add line numbers to it, and replace the selected text in the document. I created a workflow to be initiated by a hotkey when I have text selected but it doesn't work. I think that's mostly because I'm not much of a programmer and don't know how to work this thing very well. Download the workflow I created here. Any suggestions for how to make this work would be appreciated...
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