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  1. Hey Deanishe. Still wanting to spread the love about this workflow. Any objections if I just go ahead?
  2. Ok, I'll wait until you've given it its own thread then start spreading the word.
  3. @deanishe Would you mind me letting people know about this workflow on other sites. Ie. Zotero forums and whatnot? If you don't mind, I presume I would direct them to the github page?
  4. Thanks @deanishe. Same issue of me not understanding how the workflows work! But worth a try. I don't want to hijack this thread, -BUT- if I did, I would say I have tried this script http://dumptext.com/4baaCaig/raw/ and some others. And everytime I get: Error Service invoked too many times for one day: route. (line 8). And when I reduce the size of the spreadsheet that doesn't seem to help, but I presume I need to wait 24hours for the service to reset, so that didn't help to debug. I've actually done it manually now, (with a lit
  5. Just came across your workflow. Great work! Here's a feature request that may not be feasible. What if a modifier copied the distance to the clipboard. I'm doing my taxes and going through hundreds of journeys. Tried to automate it with google sheets but can't get paste the multiple requests error, hence looking on Alfred. I'm about to go do it manually (probably using your workflow, I'll see what works best), but it might be useful for others in the future?
  6. I can't see how it would. Unless your searching for a very short last name, like 'Oh'. I suppose then it could annoy someone. Benefits outweigh the negative in my opinion, but we could wait and see if others have an opinion. Thank you very much! It was a very small price to pay, two beers. I hope other users do the same, it was great work that you had little or no reason to do!
  7. Now the work has started again its great to have this workflow. A reminder to myself and anyone else that uses ZotHero to buy @deanishe a beer or two. I'm doing that now. Personally, I would find being able to use first name in the author search useful as well. I know its common practice to refer to authors by their last name, but sometimes, the brain just doesn't work that way and all you can think of is the first name.
  8. I've been on Christmas break, and have been away from the computer for the most part. I did notice today that when I chose zotconf it told me that the workflow was up to date even though I didn't have the latest one. I don't know if that's an issue for you, but the update worked flawlessly. I'll keep testing it.
  9. I've been holding of replying while I try to work out what's going on. While I can see that might be an issue if you're using notes a lot, it wasn't my issue. Mine was a stand-alone note, created by Zotero-File-New Note Maybe a stand-alone note is not actually an item then since the option above File-New Note is File-New item? So a note belonging to an item, is indexed and a stand-alone note isn't? I'm just guessing. A stand-alone note in zotero can't be edited like a normal entry - it has no meta-data that I can see, which supports my guess about it
  10. Here's an example of a note type entry not showing in results. [ { "id": "http://zotero.org/users/38089/items/8HJDEJJK", "type": "article", "title": "Colour code / legend" } ] Starting debug for 'ZotHero' [2017-12-22 11:44:32][STDERR: input.scriptfilter] . 11:44:32 workflow.py:2055 DEBUG ---------- ZotHero (0.1.3-beta) ---------- 11:44:32 workflow.py:1462 DEBUG reading settings from /Users/damianevans/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Workflow Data/net.deanishe.alfred.zothero/settings.json 11:44:32 workflow.py
  11. Could you also add entry type: note to the search? I can't stop myself saying how great this is.
  12. Thanks @deanishe Sometimes these things aren't obvious to me. I'll do both those things.
  13. I don't think there is a good reason that ZotQuery did that. Often if I'm researching something online, I'll be saving many many webpages straight into zotero. Their item type is web page. It's really useful to be able to search them, not even necessarily their attachments (though sure, that would be nice), but the creators and titles of web pages is very important. Is that possible?
  14. Always look in, or always paste the results? I always think pasting these massive debugs must be annoying for people. Should I be trying to evaluate the important parts and just pasting them? As I don't know what's important and what's not, I have pasted it all. I could take some guesses at what's not important, but they would be guesses. Here is the .json export of the affected item: [ { "id": "http://zotero.org/users/38089/items/INWBCU8T", "type": "song", "title": "How My Heart Sings!", "publisher": "Riverside",
  15. @deanishe Again, this is fantastic. I'm not sure the best way to report possible bugs, or features that I'm expecting to work that aren't, so bear with me. Web pages aren't showing up in results. I've tested that by finding specific webpages in my library, and can't find them using zothero Another issue: I have an entry for a Bill Evans Trio recording. Bill Evans Trio, How My Heart Sings!, Audio CD (Riverside, 1962), Amazon.com. I can get it to show by doing an all fields search using the title but not using 'zot bill evans trio' The ent
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