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  1. Yes, spotlight sees Twitteriffic. Yes, read article. Everything is fine, but I also reloaded app cache. Okay, reloading app cache may have done the trick. Now working again. Weird, but good.
  2. Yesteday I upgraded to the newest version of Alfred. And not it won't "see" Twitteriffic in my apps folder. Very weird as everything else seems to be working perfectly fine. Alfred sees the Twitter app, and other twitter named things, just not Twitterific. And, yes, I checked that Twitterific is in the apps folder and fully functional. I also restarted my computer but that did not help. Any ideas about what's going on here?
  3. Thanks for the update. I installed, and restarted, my computer. First step keyword is still "ew" for me. And paste back is still "pb" for me. I don't think I really care what the codes are, but is there some reason editwith and pasteback are not working for me? BTW editith? does bring up Help. Also the cursor goes to the very bottom of an email for me now, whereas before it did go to wherever it had been placed before initiating Alfred.
  4. @khit: Can not download your modification. Droplr says there is no linked item.
  5. Thanks for this workflow. Very handy. I'm also having problems. If I type "ew" I see nothing except "select your text editor) but no list or anyway to select. On the other hand if I type "ew" then space then name of editor it works (partly). The other problem I face is that it will only put highlighted text into the new editor. I thought highlighting was optional. This problem slows me down the most. It's not horrible, and I can certainly work around it, but if I understand things correctly this is not intended behavior. Using MacBook Air 11" with 10.8.3.
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