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  1. Dear @Vero, thank you for your quick and exhaustive answer. I now understand the problem and can absolutely work with one of your workarounds. To answer your and @Stephen_C's question - I already maintain quite the list of snippets that are syncronized to my mobile devices by iCloud, so I'm reluctant to start another list in another place I consider this issue closed - thank you!
  2. Hi everyone, please note that my macOS is in German, so I might not get all of menus translated perfectly I rely heavily on macOS's text replacement feature. My name and email address are quite long, so i use a shortcut for those, among other things. "xyz" is expanded to my email address, "shruggie" to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, whenever I write text in a text application or text field. Whenever I'm in an app without text expansion, like the terminal, I like to get alfred's help by just opening alfred, typing the text, let macOS expand it, copy it out and get on with my day. That has worked 100% - until I tried it with the tilde (~). Alfred crashes whenever I write "tilde" in alfred and macOS offers the replacement text (~). I haven't tried with other special chars, since I couldn't get alfred to recover and had to reboot my mac every time! Steps to reproduce: 1. open macOS system settings, go to text replacements, enter a new entry replacing the text "tilde" with the char ~ 2. open a text editor and verify, that the replacement works properly on typing "tilde" 3. open alfred and type "tilde" and wait a few seconds, until macOS shows the replacement option - this is when alfred crashes every time I tried. Versions: Alfred 5.1.3 [2175] macOS Version 14.0 (23A344) Screenshot: In the screenshot you see how I end up when trying that, alfred being stuck like that, on top of other windows, uncloseable and unrecoverable. (Side question: how do I force quit and reboot alfred?) Btw. I don't know if alfred was meant to be used that way, but it has been truly helpful for me most of the time Thank you for your time and your help!
  3. Hi Andrew Thanks for cleaning up. No, I never set up any syncing. Thingking about it probably doesn't count I also have not tried reinstalling Alfred2. (If I have to do that, need to backup Alfred first.) Appreciate your help. Sarah
  4. Hi there First let me thank you for your great product. Love it. It's a real damper on my productivity that my custom searches are gone. Problem: After an Update my custom web searches ceased to work. They used o work fine after the Upgade from v1 to v2. Then I realized that they didn't show any more under Features/Web Search. Now when I create a new custom search it works fine until i shut Alfred2 down. After a restart, only the built in searches show in the list, the rest is gone and doesn't work any more. Info: I still have Alfred1 in Applications/ but an import doesn't work. When I edit a Workflow, the timestamp on the folder Application Support/Alfred 2/ changes to now, when creating a new custom web search, it doesn't. The folder Application Support/Alfred/ is also still there but not affected. What you were doing when the issue happened: After the update to v2.0.6(203) I started noticing the problem. Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action Yup. Include any screenshots that might help us Please let me know what would be helpful. Include the Alfred version & build number you are using Now I use v2.0.7(205). Same problem. Include your OS X version 10.8.4 Before I realized the gravity of the situation, I had asked in the forum for help. Now that would be obsolete: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2979-custom-searches-gone-after-update/ Thanks, Sarah
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