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  1. Thanks @Acidham! I'm having some trouble finding a link to download that workflow; any chance you could export and share?
  2. Hi @pseudometa — could you share an updated link to this workflow? Looks like the drive link expired and I'd like to implement some of these. Thanks!
  3. Hm — I don't see that listed as an option (see below). Perhaps you have a workflow titled 'Basic Universal Actions (Text & URL)' that is supplying that function?
  4. I know this is incredibly old — but is there any chance for an updated link to this? I'm looking for a workflow that I can use as a universal action to highlight a group of cells in either Excel or Google Sheets and quickly get a total sum to copy/paste to clipboard. This sounds like it would work, but looks like the link was removed at some point? Thanks, Spencer
  5. You are a legend, @vitor — this version is perfect. I've been a powerpack user for over a decade (July 2012), and have relied on a variety of your workflows for most of that time. Thanks for all that you do and specifically thanks for the updates here!
  6. Thanks a lot, @vitor — can't believe you were able to pick that up so quick and update The ⇧↩ enabled on the Fallback Search is amazing and works exactly as I'd hoped! A follow up question on the ⇧↩ action when using gd — it appears to work only for when there's a match in the results populated via Script_filter_items. Would it be possible add a result at the end of that array that when actioned, conducts the search online? For example, if I have multiple documents in Google Drive with the word 'test' in title, it pops up the following results: However, when searching for test online, there are results that include 'test' in the document itself, or perhaps in titles of documents shared with me, etc. Therefore, by having an option accessible at the end of the search results shown, or via ⌘4 in this instance, I can quickly pop up that full view in the browser. I could of course get around this by just searching in the default Alfred bar, but my brain is trained pretty heavy on my shortcut to access the Google Drive workflow when looking for a particular document (and in the case that it's not in my drive folder, or the gd filter returns no results, I could then quickly conduct a full search online). Additionally, actioning the "Nothing Found" item in the results window with ⇧↩ doesn't appear to do anything either.
  7. Hi there — Vitor, thanks don't begin to describe my gratitude for this and the many other workflows you have created and maintain. A quick question / request on this Google Drive workflow: would it be possible to add-in fallback results to conduct a browser search on the Google drive page? That is, regardless of the query input, the last option in list of results would be "Search for {query} in browser" by dropping {query} into https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/search?q={query} A little detail on why I think this would be helpful — my drive is comprised of a mix of files that I own and files that have been shared with me; the latter of which don't show up in my drive unless manually moved. However, searching the full google drive via browser results in the full scope being searched which helps me find files quicker.
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