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  1. Please post this to GitHub in case anyone else experiences this problem and can provide a working patch; I no longer use Wunderlist.
  2. Since Alfred does not offer a print output for workflows this would probably never be implemented as a standalone feature. However, it may be reasonable to open a text editor with the titles of all tasks in a list (or a search, or on the due screen, etc) that you can then print or otherwise manipulate. Please post a feature request for this on GitHub with an example of how you would expect to interact with the workflow in order to get that type of output. That will also give others a chance to think about and thumbs-up the idea.
  3. That's a very interesting idea. There is a lot of code involved in supporting those applications so I would like to know more about your use cases for this. Would you please post a feature request for this on GitHub with a few concrete examples of how you used this for the Reminders workflow and how it might work for Wunderlist? That will give others a chance to think about and thumbs-up the idea. This would be a bit tricky since the code to get text from the application is AppleScript and this workflow is written in python, but there is already some interaction in place with apple
  4. @willgill and @Albert S, thanks for the kind words and happy tasking. If you have any problems or suggestions please report them on the GitHub project page.
  5. Version 0.6.0 has been released with many new features! Just over 60 of you helped to test out the preview releases for this version over the past 6 months. I appreciate all of the feedback and bug reports and hope that you have enjoyed using the workflow. I rely on it every day and even more heavily now with the addition of task searching and completion. Changes since 0.5.4 New command format In 0.5.4, commands were in the format wl:pref. The colon was required and the entire command had to be spelled out. The old format still works but the workflow now uses a hyphen rather than a colo
  6. az566, which version of the workflow do you have? I recommend first making sure that you have the latest version, which is available here, then try signing out and back in through the preferences screen.
  7. Indeed there is and you can download it on GitHub in the latest 0.6.0-beta release. I am still taking small feature requests for this version and working through syncing problems, so please report any issues or suggestions on GitHub. You can search tasks, browse by list or hashtag, and view what is due, then for any task you can mark it complete.
  8. I'm not keen on changing the extension in GitHub releases if the file won't be executable without renaming for those who download it directly. I would rather see a solution that requires developers who are concerned about the transition to do a little extra work on their releases (e.g. adding a second binary or using a different tag format would both stop invalidate the release in old versions of Alfred-Workflow). If an alternate file extension is not going to happen the decision about how to approach the problem will be largely based on balancing developer effort (both yours and workflow deve
  9. If anyone is looking for another way to digest my earlier post, here are a list of actions that would need to be taken to proceed with the file extension change if no better ideas come up: For workflow developers Be very clear about Alfred 2/3 compatibility when you share your workflows, especially if you have existing users on Alfred 2 Until you intend to drop support for Alfred 2 users, do not modify and export your workflow from Alfred 3, not even to make minor changes. Your workflow will likely no longer work in Alfred 2 (see below). Once you drop support for Alfred 2, export your wor
  10. Context is very important to this decision, there are many contexts in which the ability to distinguish Alfred 2/3 support is important. Installing an incompatible workflow in Alfred 2 There may be many different ways that Alfred 2 could be updated to detect and refuse to install an Alfred 3 workflow. The easiest but least robust approach is to do nothing; use a new file extension in Alfred 3 so that new workflows are not recognized by Alfred 2. Surely some Alfred-3-only workflows have already been released with .alfredworkflow but it is still early enough for this to be a passable, if di
  11. Hi jhonsvick, you might like the latest 0.6.0-beta workflow which has a few features that will help you out. Before I go into that I should mention that you can use portions of the list name rather than the whole name (depending on collisions with your other lists). For example, I always use "wl sh:milk" rather than typing out the full list name or selecting it from the displayed options. In version 0.6.0, along with a wealth of new features related to searching and browsing your tasks there is a preference ("wl-pref") to default to the most recently used list. With this enabled, you could
  12. Glad to hear it, I hope you enjoy the workflow.
  13. Oh right, Packal. I forgot that Packal is not capable of following GitHub releases (or keeping track of how many times the workflow is downloaded). Please download from GitHub here.
  14. Okay I see. After the first time Wunderlist asks you to log in, it does not show the authorization screen again if you are still logged in. There should be a parameter that I can set to make sure it always asks you to log in or choose your account (at least there is with Google login). The message you are seeing most likely means that the workflow was not able to start the server that listens for that code from Wunderlist. There could be a few reasons why it was not able to do that, but I have tried debugging that with other users in the past and it takes too much time for a feature that i
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