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  1. I followed your way, but didn't help. So I decided to reboot my Mac, BANG, all back to normal... I should've done this earlier... Anyway, thank you all so so so much, Alfred is still the best app on my Mac.
  2. I delete it completely, reinstall, leave the sync default (see pic below). I do some tweak. Close the Alfred Preferences window, re-open it.
  3. I ues Alfred for a long time, but this weird problem occurred today. When I fired Alfred after I start my computer today, I found the theme was not the one I used, so I went to the setting panel then found every custom theme disappeared. I use Dropbox for backing up, it shows that two prefs.plist were modified couple minutes ago. Those two files were located in /Alfred.alfredpreferences/preferences/appearance and /Alfred.alfredpreferences/preferences/features/websearch, so all custom web search were gone, I don't even know who did this! The weird thing came up, I restored the old prefs
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