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  1. I've added a couple new features and updated the main post to describe them.
  2. I agree with twinpeaks -- Showing the hostname is a really cool addition. Your version also doesn't need the app running to get the list of connections.
  3. +1 to this. Having 'URL actions' similar to 'File actions' would be very useful for me. Some examples: Sending to an URL shortener, searching on the wayback machine, opening in a different browser. All of these are obviously possible with workflows, but for some reason that's not how my fingers think about the operation. I usually launch Alfred and paste the URL in habitually -- then nothing happens and I remember to CMD-arrow to the start of the line to insert the workflow name.
  4. I've updated the original post to remove the dead link and described how to load the workflow into Alfred.
  5. I'm thinking specifically about preparing workflows for distribution. For non-Apple software, they might be installed in /Applications or ~/Applications (or anywhere, really). Being able to use something like <icon type="bundleicon">com.example.Foo</icon> would be useful in that case.
  6. Is there a parameter that works for bundle ids? So we could get an icon from an application if the path is unknown?
  7. Howdy All, I've written a workflow that works with Viscosity, which you can use to start or stop OpenVPN connections. The configured keyword is 'vpn'. That will show all of your configured networks: And autocomplete (case-insensitively) on the argument, if one is provided: You can inspect the source on Github. Here's some commands you can run in Terminal that will import it into Alfred: cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred\ 2/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows curl https://nodeload.github.com/andrewschleifer/viscosity-alfredworkflow/zip/master > \ viscosity-alfredworkflow.zip unzip viscosity-alfredworkflow.zip rm viscosity-alfredworkflow.zip New Feature Update: 1. The subtitle now tells you if actioning that selection will connect or disconnect from that network. 2. There are Connect All/Disconnect All operations that will act on all VPN connections you've defined.
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