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  1. Thanks again for your reply and your time. Everything is working now. 👍
  2. Thanks a lot. That was a good hint. I now can see a list of Apps again but unfortunately the icon is not downloading to the desktop. Maybe something in relation to Catalina? 🤔
  3. Has this workflow stopped working with Alfred 4? 🤔 Search App Icon online is not working for me. Thx
  4. I accidentally deleted the workflow. Any mirror to download? Thanks in advance.
  5. Alfred DeepL Translation Workflow ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  6. Unfortunately with macOS 10.12 High Sierra, it didn't work for me. The command SwitchAudioSource -a didn't show my AirPods. Just editing the workflow of course was also not working. :/
  7. Love this workflow. Works great with OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan and my Raspberry Use ie. vnc setup Raspberry-pi:raspberry@raspberrypi._rfb._tcp.local With this you quick on your Rasp and don't have to use to type or extra confirm password.
  8. Any chance for one of the talented guys here to get tiny.cc into this workflow ? Or create a own workflow maybe even shorten with custom hash find in the API Doc. http://tiny.cc/?c=rest_api&m=shorten&version=2.0.3&format=json&longUrl=urlencode('http://example.com')&login=tinyccapidemo&apiKey=YourKey API Docs: http://tiny.cc/api-docs Would be awesome.
  9. Since I play around with AppleScript and Alfred Remote App I can see the benefit of Alfred Remote Apple Watch Companion. Would be awesome. Any intentions to this? Thx.
  10. Your 2nd Post. Thanks Andrew. Very looking forward to this URL scheme just to launch Alfred Remot App on iOS.
  11. Bear April and still miss URL scheme for iOS Alfred Remote App. alfred:// or alfredremote:// Installed Launcher App on my iPad and tried to add a custom laucher for Alfred Remote to start it right from the Notification center. It's just a line of Code that you have to put in an updated version of your iOS App of Alfred Remote, isn't it? Thx in advance.
  12. From the first day I love your workflow and still using it avery day for work and privat with two iPhone's and the phone amego app. Just want to say thanks again for your great work and the ongoing development.
  13. I also updated to VMware Fusion 7 and the workflow works great here.
  14. Thanks a lot ctwise. That worked for me. Great!
  15. Okay.. did a restart an now all three machines are in the list. but wehen I select one of them.. VMWare is doing something and it sounds like it starts the machine but the VMWare Fusion Windows does not open. Nothing to see. I have to start VMWare app an then the window with the already running VM pops up. strange.. any idea? thx in advance. VMWare Fusion Version 6.0.4 (1887983)
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