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  1. As promised... I had an eye on this... After the new 1.4.0 release, it works like a charm!!! GOOD JOB!!! Love your work, congrats!
  2. Thank you very much indeed. Anyway I'll have an eye on this and will give a new try whenever you release a new version! congrats for your work!
  3. It's very weird!!! I Installed the new version... AND IT WORKED... for a couple of times... After that, I get again the same error... I uninstalled and installed again but no way... Thank you very very much! --- EDITED --- FYI I've tried tons of translators workflows (even one installed also via npm [can't remember the name, but something like ultimate-google-translator or something like that]), and none has ever worked out... This morning I tried this simple one and is the only one that has worked on my computer.
  4. I've tried... It took quite a bit, but it installed: Now, instead, I have a forbidden 403 error... Your script doesn't like my computer
  5. Ok... That's what I had when I didn't make SUDO, I got EACCESS errors. So I have followed the instructions here: https://docs.npmjs.com/resolving-eacces-permissions-errors-when-installing-packages-globally and now I can install and uninstall globally without sudo: Now the output when installing Alfred-polyglot seems to be fine: But still getting the same error. As I have installed a node versiĆ³n manager (n), I have tried different versions of node, and I get that error in all the versions I have tried. Any other suggestions?
  6. Ok... I completely uninstalled Node.js and npm and reinstalled again (10.14.1 for node and 6.4.1 for npm) I tried to install and now npm won't give me any errors, but the installation does: I PM the npm log.
  7. I uninstalled it with no errors Now when I try to reinstall it again I got a lot of errors in the npm instance...
  8. I've digged a little bit and see you use a script to auto-get a token... Could it be a token problem?
  9. Hi, thank you again... I get a .json file (f.txt.json) with the content: connected to my LAN Is it right?
  10. Hi, thank you for your quick answer. I don't think that's the point. I disconnected from my network (cable and wi-fi) and connected to the internet tethering my cell-phone connection. Then flushed DNS Cache in my Mac. Despite that, I keep having the same issue.
  11. I have also this error except for next_tick.js:77:7 the logs are these: Any idea on what's happening? I am on Alfred 3.7 and Macos Mojave 10.14.1 Thanks in advance!
  12. I've created a workflow to manage HDD fan speed. A program named SmcFanControl should be installed for the workflow to work properly. You can freely download at http://www.eidac.de/smcfancontrol/smcfancontrol_2_4.zip I had a problem with the HD on my iMac, when apple reseller gave it back to me, the fan speed always goes up and up with lots of noise, so I need this script to manually control the HDD fan speed. Usage: fan xxxx where xxxx is the rpm you want for your HDD fan ie: fan 2000 You get the fan working at fixed 2000 rpm. You can download the script here
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