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  1. Hi. I just installed the TinyURL workflow and it is very nice! Thanks to the developer. I want Alfred to automatically get (copy) the current url in the current browser window (I am normally using Chrome) and use that for shortening and copying to clipboard. Is that possible and how would I modify the workflow? So I would like to type "short" in alfred and pressing enter would shorten and copy the url to clipboard. There is a SendURL script that seem to do the first part, but I have too little knowledge to program that myself. Maybe they can be combined?
  2. Hi. I use a hardware calculator, Texas Instruments financial calculator. where I put in cost, margin and get the price, or put in price, cost and get the margin. Very handy and fast. Can these financial calculations be done with mac and Alfred easily? Anyone have an idea?
  3. I have the same problem here. It seems that if the contact is marked as a company inside OSX contacts, it does not open in Alfred. Then it opens the native contacts app in osx but doesnt even open the right contact card. Can this issue be fiex so it opens in Alfred when it is going to be opened in Alfred regardless if it is a person with a name of a company?
  4. Thanks but cant it technically be included in the native search if it is included in the native search in Spotlight?
  5. Hi. In at least El Capitan I discovered that Spotlight show results from notes in the notes app, but Alfred doesnt. Is this a setting I missed or is it something Alfred doesnt do? I thought Alfred could do everything Spotlight can, and a bit more! :-)
  6. I Found how to question 1 above and post it here if someone else have the same problem. To do a search on apple.com use https://www.google.se/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=ln3MVrzGObSr8wfNy56oBg&gws_rd=ssl#q=site:apple.com{query}
  7. Hi. This is probably dead simple but i cant find the answers... How do I create a web search string that uses the google search engine to search a specific web site? I have tried to create a web search for this site. www.99musik.se But it doesnt let me search even though I am a member and logged in, how is that. Maybe the site must verify that it is me that is logged in who does the search? Can somebody please point me in the right direction? Thanks
  8. If i search for a specific word I used in a note in the native OSX Yosemite Notes.app, search results show up in the native Spotlight search but not in alfred search, isnt that strange?
  9. There is in mine too. Im on Yosemite. But the whole idea with Alfred is to get search results in the Alfred window. For me at least. I write things in different places and different devices so it would be neat to get the seach results from within notes in Alfred search. There is an old extension out there, but seem to only work with Alfred v1. http://jdfwarrior.tumblr.com/post/29413140710/searching-notes-with-alfred#permalink-notes
  10. Hi. I cannot find a way to search notes in the native osx notes app. How can that be done? Is there a workflow? /Niklas
  11. Hi. I have several google apps accounts at work and am logging in and out with them constantly. Is it possible to use Alfred for creating a new google document in a specific users google drive space?
  12. Hi. It is possible to create a search directing it to a specific Mailplane gmail account, by creating a simple web search using Mailplanes internal url. But, can some one explain how I can create an Action that creates a new mail in a specific Mailplane account and attaches a selected fil? I would like it to work like the default function for it in Alfred that attaches the selected document to the active account in Mailplane, except that i now would like the action to do it in another account that is open but not active. Alternatively, can I get the code from the native actions somewhere to play around with? Thanks
  13. Thanks that sounds great, and works too! Is there a way for me to create a custom workflow where this attachment goes to a specific account in Mailplane and creates a message and attach the file. As i see now it is created on the account of the active tab in Mailplane. Since it is possible to create local links to tabs/accounts in mailplane there may be a way to attach files like that also right?
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