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  1. I've signalised that before in another subforum, but since few months have passed I'm telling it again. It would be nice to have dictionary queries redirected to a database; for example Anki. In order to develop such a plugin an open dictionary workflow would be extremely helpful.
  2. Is it possible to somehow pipe dictionary check "d word" to do something custom instead of opening Dictionary app? A custom workflow that allows dictionary query would suit my needs as well Thanks!
  3. Sorry for no response, I've read it although I didn't have time to test it immediately. It turns out it works, case closed.
  4. I've noticed that one of my own workflows stopped working after the current update, then I've created a new workflow and experienced the same behaviour. It seems to me that "Terminal Command" is broken. Even the most simple "ls" command freezes Alfred for about 10 sec then returns without any warning/error (just as if everything went fine). I've even tried debugging, but it only says that a command was executed (no warnings or anything) Alfred 2.2 (243) OS X 10.9.3 (latest beta)
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