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  1. Microsoft office applications are bad OS X citizens? No way! Thanks for your response. I'm looking forward to the additional workflow controls around hiding. As a new user that just switched from Butler to Alfred a few weeks ago I'm very impressed, especially with Workflows and Script Inputs. Great job!
  2. Using Alfred's "Launch Apps / Files" workflow action to launch an application doesn't seem to correctly take focus away from Microsoft Word 2008. I'll use TextEdit in this example, but I've also reproduced this behavior with Mail.app and Google Chrome. Steps to reproduce: Make a simple workflow with a no argument keyword input connected to a "Launch Apps / Files" action that launches TextEdit. For convenience, I've created such a workflow. Open TextEdit. Open Microsoft Word 2008. A blank Word document is now focused. Open Alfred via keyboard shortcut, type the keyword assigned in your workflow (e.g. "example" in the workflow I provide), press enter. Expected results: TextEdit is raised and focused. Observed results: I'm pretty certain that TextEdit is momentarily raised and focused, but then Word is immediately raised and regains focus. This happens so fast it appears like a flicker. Alfred v2.2 (243), OS X 10.8.5. Additional notes: If, instead of triggering my workflow, I instead instruct Alfred to run TextEdit normally (e.g. just start typing "TextEdit" and then hitting enter once it has identified the correct application), TextEdit is raised and focused, and it remains that way. Perhaps the "Launch Apps / Files" action could be changed to use whatever method Alfred normally uses to launch applications, if it's not already?
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