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  1. Thank you so much for this update, @dfay, it’s something I use all day. @Chris Messina Re: labeling the hotkeys objects; you can right-click the hotkey object and select 'Edit Note' to add a label underneath the object, like in this screenshot:
  2. I frequently need to calculate aspect ratios and dimensions when resizing images, so I wrote a ratio calculator plugin for Alfred to make the calculation as efficient as possible. It works by reading a simplified ratio equation syntax in the form of a b c d where a, b, c, and d represent the numerators and denominators in an a/b=c/d ratio equation. Any non-number character (like x or n or ? or whatever you like) can be used to represent the missing number. E.g., to get the missing number in the ratio 2/4=?/10, you can type as 2 4 ? 10 and Alfred will return 5, ready to be copied to the clipboard. Installation instructions and source on GitHub Download Ratio Calculator.alfredworkflow
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