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  1. I currently use Streamkeys (http://www.streamkeys.com/) to map media keys to music playing in chrome. I would like to integrate the extensions into Alfred by fetching the song name/artist from Streamkeys rather than clicking on the dropdown in chrome. I also use Hammerspoon/Lua and several AppleScripts that might be useful. I'm really looking for any ideas of what software/technology to use. Has anyone pulled information from a chrome extension into Alfred or from Chrome in general? I'm currently avoiding the issue of communicating with a chrome extension by using an AppleScript to fetch all open tab names, which usually includes the name of the song and artist (at least for Soundcloud).
  2. Just following up, do you know if there is a fix for this issue? The workaround to open the alias seems to be working pretty well, if not
  3. Hi! Sorry for the delay, I didn't properly subscribe to notifications. So I think I figured out more of what was going on. Originally, I manually added the Autodesk fusion directory to the search scope, which included multiple installations of Fusion (that can't be opened anyway). I reset the search scope then used the reload command, which cleared the list of broken Autodesk links Here is a screenshot of the Autodesk directory (~/Library/Application Support/Autodesk/webdeploy/production/) [Also each numbered folder has some variation of the same contents, but all have a .app file]: The file that should be opened is an alias file inside of the ~/Applications directory (~/Applications/Autodesk Fusion 360). Interestingly, this file shows up as "Autodesk Fusion 360.app" in the Alfred finder navigation menu. I checked that the ~/Applications folder was in the search scope Is there a way to use the alias file so that Alfred always has the most up to date version? I created a package workaround for the meantime, which just opens the alias file
  4. - What you were doing when the issue happened Autodesk Fusion updates by creating a new folder in the production dir, with a special hash code signifying the version. When I try to open Autodesk from Alfred, I get a list of applications, yet only one exists (the previous versions are all indexed, but have since been deleted). So clicking on most of the icons does nothing. I have to sort of randomly guess which link is correct. I have attempted to reset the search scope, but I don't what else I could do other than creating a custom workflow, which I would have to update on each Autodesk update. - Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action With each new update, the list keeps getting longer. It will inconsistently add the broken app icon after some amount of attempts to open or age. - Include any screenshots that might help us - Include the Alfred version & build number you are using Alfred 2.8.2 - Include your OS X version OX El Capitan: 10.11.2 This might be a spotlight bug, but I wonder if there is a way to fix it? > Actually spotlight doesn't recognize the location of the Autodesk Fusion application and instead only finds the application for Autodesk removal.
  5. Thank you for making such a rapid bug fix! It works perfectly now
  6. Here are the photos! I made a public Dropbox link and used the image from URL button, but I don't want to have these photos publicly visible for all time. Is there a way to upload the screenshots to sit only in this forum?
  7. - What you were doing when the issue happened I enter the text, '1p jobsuitors' and pressed enter, which should have opened the 1password bookmark link; however, 1p stores a poorly formatted URL without the http:// or https:// term, so I get an error that no application can open the URL. However, if copy and pasted into chrome, the URL opens perfectly. - Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action This couldn't be more consistent. It happens on any URL without the proper http:// or https://. You could probably replicate it by creating a false 1p entry and attempt to open it. - Include any screenshots that might help us See attached! - Include the Alfred version & build number you are using Alfred 2.8.2 - Include your OS X version OX El Capitan: 10.11.2 - For completeness: 1Password - Version 5.4 (540046) - Potential solution: I wonder if a formatting step could be added to any time a URL is opened from Alfred. It would need to check for a the characters, '//' in the first 7-8 characters and if not found could prepend 'http://' (which would resolve to https:// if needed). The two edge cases being when a local file is loaded (i.e. '//' or 'file://') (I will upload photos in the next post, but I could not find the upload attachment button? http://www.alfredforum.com/index.php?app=core&module=help&do=01&HID=6&hl=attach)
  8. Small workflow to support the really cool project by newmarcel to maintain a high resolution and dark-mode ready caffeine-clone along with scripting support! See the workflow on packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/activate-keeping-you-awake Let me know if you have any feedback or requests!
  9. Thanks! It worked right away when I downloaded the second module. I missed it when I was downloading them manually
  10. Hi! Thanks for putting together so many workflows! They look really useful and I'm excited to try them out. I'm working on the Mjolnir one now, but I've had some issues. After running mj:install, the init.lua file was overwritten, but the mjolnir cli tool can't be found. On a side-note, I had to manually install each module and reloading the config, until the pop up with your name appeared. I'd appreciate any help! I'm on a macbook pro retina late 2012 with all updated software and Yosemite. I am using the mjolnir workflow posted on Github: https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred After running mj:install, these are the popups that appear: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mv25nw1j2va8noi/mjolnirTroubleshooting.png?dl=0
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