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  1. Just following up, do you know if there is a fix for this issue? The workaround to open the alias seems to be working pretty well, if not
  2. Hi! Sorry for the delay, I didn't properly subscribe to notifications. So I think I figured out more of what was going on. Originally, I manually added the Autodesk fusion directory to the search scope, which included multiple installations of Fusion (that can't be opened anyway). I reset the search scope then used the reload command, which cleared the list of broken Autodesk links Here is a screenshot of the Autodesk directory (~/Library/Application Support/Autodesk/webdeploy/production/) [Also each numbered folder has some variation of the same contents, but all have a .app file]
  3. - What you were doing when the issue happened Autodesk Fusion updates by creating a new folder in the production dir, with a special hash code signifying the version. When I try to open Autodesk from Alfred, I get a list of applications, yet only one exists (the previous versions are all indexed, but have since been deleted). So clicking on most of the icons does nothing. I have to sort of randomly guess which link is correct. I have attempted to reset the search scope, but I don't what else I could do other than creating a custom workflow, which I would have to update on each Autodesk up
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