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  1. Maddog

    Find, filter, open Git repositories

    The update process for VSCode is putting some version (not sure if it's the new one or the old one) under /Library/Caches and for at least a couple of days after the update, I'd randomly get either the old or the new version. It's out of my control unfortunately. Hopefully now that I have the full path it won't happen anymore. Thanks for the tip, I moved my other editor out of ~/Downloads.
  2. Maddog

    Find, filter, open Git repositories

    @deanishe - I'm wondering, how does this workflow search for the app which we pass in the config? I've been having issues forever with VSCode where right after it updates (for a day or two), this plugin would open the wrong VSCode and not the one from /Applications. I tried setting the full path in the config and it seem to have solved the problem, but I'm wondering how it works, because I think I'm having similar issues with other editors as well (which could be in ~/Downloads AND in /Applications).
  3. Every tab is project oriented and some projects consist of client+server or a main project+library and I usually work on both at the same time. 1. one big pane for either tests or console output of the main aspect of the project 2. watch and transpile (Typescript) 3. for client-side builder and bundler (some projects do #2 & #3 at the same time, some are broken into separate transpile step and another for test/build/bundle) 4. Supporting mini-services, mostly custom ones because I start most 3rd party services from hotel + alfred 5. I also work on cli apps and one app can do different things, so for every type of major command I have a pane
  4. Yeah, my guess was that you're doing much more on the terminal, I almost never connect to remote shells and do all editing in VSCode. In the terminal I always have at least 2 windows with many (many) tabs and panes, usually with a special 2-5 pane-layout per project. So I was looking for a tool that will allow me to predefine these pane-layouts easily so I can close tabs and not worry about losing a silly thing like where my panes used to be and which folder they had open. I watched a video about tmux, I feel like if I ever switch to 50/50 linux/mac it'll be worthwhile to learn, but while I'm 100% on mac, the iTerm tabs/panes feel more natural than "simulated" tabs/panes if that makes sense.
  5. @deanishe Do you use iTerm and don't use its split panes feature and instead use tmux? Or do you use another terminal emulator altogether? I'm not super attached to the split panes feature in iTerm, I know the shortcut to split, but never learned all the other shortcuts. I'm willing to learn another tool if it's awesome. 2 follow up questions: do you do anything with tmux from alfred? do you do most of your coding from the terminal? vim or something like that?
  6. Nothing helped btw, updated java and it still happens, tried to bring up the clipboard using the keyword instead of caps lock also results in same behavior.
  7. itermocil seems like a great match for an alfred workflow, I'm wondering if anyone is working on putting together a workflow for it? Something like listing the different layouts and triggering them on enter.
  8. Yeah, the plan for next time is solid: * Try to use different ways to bring up the history and see if it makes a difference * Install new Java
  9. Well, re-activating it. I just tried a couple of times (now that it's working) and I see that wherever I bring up the clipboard history, the original cursor stays "active" (blinking) in the active application throughout the pasting process (while Alfred is up as well), but that was not the case when the problem was occurring, I had to click on the active application again before I was able to paste with the native CMD+V. EDIT: I don't know if it matters, I bring up the clipboard history with Caps Lock (hyper key remap) - which means it goes through stuff like Karabiner and Seil, maybe they for whatever reason mess up the focus?
  10. You're very logical Yeah, I'll do it next time, although the problem isn't actually pasting into Java apps, it's something interfering with Alfred. Also I'll remember to look in the menubar next time because I think part of the problem is Alfred not activating the active application (at least that's what I associate that error sound with, trying to paste somewhere without activating a text field)
  11. @deanishe - I don't have that red text. (also I already restarted so the problem is not currently occurring) I realized I forgot to say I'm still on El Capitan (10.11.6)
  12. Hey so this is not a biggie because it happens rarely and fixes itself after restart of Alfred, but I thought I'd report it anyway. When trying to paste from the clipboard history, the computer makes an error sound and doesn't paste (although the content does end up in regular clipboard and I can paste it myself). Once it starts happening, it happens in all programs. I noticed a trend - I think it happens on days when I get an update popup from java and dismiss it. Is this a known issue? I tried searching and couldn't find similar reports. OSX ver: 10.11.6 (El Cap)
  13. Maddog

    Find, filter, open Git repositories

    Thank you, that worked.
  14. Maddog

    Find, filter, open Git repositories

    So exclude doesn't work with depth? Not all my repos are directly under ~/Code, some are deeper, is there a way to include them in the search but exclude node_modules?
  15. Maddog

    Find, filter, open Git repositories

    @deanishe I can't make exclude work, I tried these with and without an asterisk: "global_exclude_patterns": [ "node_modules/*" ], and "search_dirs": [ { "depth": 5, "name_for_parent": 1, "path": "~/Code" "excludes": [ "node_modules/*" ] } ] I see one repo (a library I'm working on) showing up 4 times in the results, once for the original location and 3 times inside other projects /node_modules/ folders. What am I doing wrong? Thanks