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  1. Open /Users/_USER_/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data/cc.hamid.gopinboard/settings.plist Replace <key>update_time</key><string>2015-10-03T22:44:35.503376591+02:00</string> by <key>update_time</key><string></string> (reset last update time so to speak) Then just update Pinboard's cache using Alfred. That should do the trick.
  2. Easiest way would be: download fixed get-current-url.applescript, open with Apple Script-Editor, save/export as get-current-url.scpt (format: script) and replace the get-current-url.scpt in the workflow directory with it.
  3. Found the problem and opened pull request on github If somebody could tell me how to attach files I could upload the fixed files here until a fixed version gets released (-:
  4. @listboss: the option to set the browser which will be used to grab the URL isn't needed anymore since the URL gets grabbed from frontmost browser now? @all having problems with auto-starting browsers: could you please have a look if the file get-current-url.applescript is present in your workflow's directory or not ? (in alfred -> workflows -> right-click on pinboard workflow -> reveal in finder).
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