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  1. Salutations all, Probably two updates/several months ago – I can't pinpoint exactly when the issue started – Alfred began spawning three identical menubar items. It's never more than three, and I have not seen two instances either. Functionality-wise, there seem to be no negative effects. When I delete one or two instances, the others remain working fine. After quitting the duplicate processes, until only one process remains, after some time the duplicates reappear again. (I can't pinpoint a specific event or timeframe for this). Alfred is naturally set as a Login Item, though AFAIK, a restart doesn't produce the duplicates. Activity Monitor shows three processes as well. It's definitely not a use-breaking issue, though the behaviour is somewhat odd. Maybe look into this on a low priority? Thanks!
  2. Wow. Just wow. That's exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for your swift and clean answer! (Mind you, I still have to dig into your code to actually "get" how it works...) Yeah, I see what you mean after reading the question again... I'll rethink what *exactly* I want to know and make a post accordingly. Thanks a ton!
  3. Background I often find myself landing deep within some website structure, e.g. http://www.thedomain.com/subpage/anothersubpage/imhere. I'd now like to press a keyboard shortcut to jump up to http://www.thedomain.com. Let's call it an ease-of-life feature. Problem I've tried for several hours to get this workflow going, but have realised that my programming skills are too weak/non-existent. Steps (according to my n00b mind) Get URL from active browser tab (this is the part that's running, thanks to input from this forum. It's using an Applescript) Analyse the URL and chop off everything after the third "/". (Using RegEx? I've seen similar things done with Ruby, but I know little to nothing about both topics) Replace current tab URL with "home URL", reload browser. (Not there yet...) Questions If feels wrong to use an Applescript and then send the output into a Ruby script for further processing. Is it possible to solve my problem using one language? I've got horrible problems getting how variables get set up in a script and how to send them on in the workflow. Especially with different languages. Is there a good place to learn about this? Any input to this problem is highly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Running 0.4.0 without any problems! Thanks for the quick fix!
  5. This did it for me! Working like a charm now. Thanks!
  6. I tried to get the new files to work, but probably I just don't know my way around github well enough to make it run correctly. Isn't it just a matter of downloading your three changed files and replacing the old ones in the workflow folder?
  7. Yes, that file is present. But there are two similar files, one is the aforementioned "get-current-url.applescript", the other is "get-current-url.scpt". I barely know my way around AppleScript, but I quickly scanned over both files and found following passage in the latter one. Seems wrong? else if theApplication is "Chromium.app" and appIsRunning("Chromium") then tell application "Firefox.app" set theURL to «class URL » of «class acTa» of first window set theText to name of «class acTa» of first window end tell
  8. Done. Solves the Packal Update Issue. Thanks! Still no luck with the Chrome/Firefox hassle... Though I made an observation, when setting the default browser, thst I get the following notifications for the different browser options: "Changed default browser to Default browser: safariSafari" "Changed default browser to Default browser: chromiumChromium" "Changed default browser to Default browser: firefoxFirefox" "Changed default browser to Chrome" The notification for Chrome is the odd one out, even though it has the most reasonable text. Maybe this is a lead as to why I'm having issues with Chrome? Additionally, when trying to run the workflow from Safari set as the default browser, it still forces Firefox to open. UPDATE: Even more troubleshooting. After I removed Firefox completely from my system, and then tried to run the workflow, I get a dialogue window asking me where to find Firefox.app. If I dismiss the window, the notification does read "Successfully posted %v exit status 1 exit status 1". The bookmark is then NOT posted to Pinboard.
  9. I have the exact same problem, except I use Chrome (default browser) and it keeps opening Firefox, even after setting "pset browser" to Chrome. Though the bookmark is posted correctly to Pinboard. UPDATE: It not only launches Firefox, but also asks where I have Chromium.app installed, even though I never had Chromium on my system. Running Yosemite. Also, after I install the current version (0.3.7) from Packal, and then run the Packal Updater, it tells me there is an update and then will "update" from 0.3.7 to 0.3.6.
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