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  1. What's the simplest way to use the current clipboard text as an input in a workflow?
  2. Yes, I thought that I can just re-use the snippet and don't have to copy the text, remove the snippet, etc. I thought the WF just uses what's there. IMO it doesn't make things simpler by having two different snippet infrastructures... but anyway, will refactor my standard snippet into a Snippet Trigger...
  3. I have a snippet A which can be triggered with .a and inside the snippet text I have a {var:choice}. I want to use the snippet A in a snippet trigger, where I have a list filter and the output should replace the {var:choice} So my idea is: query user store selection in variable choice expand snippet A and copy to clipboard, while expanding the {var:choice} will be replaced with the value from step 2 But I only get the text of snippet A without text replacement. Any ideas what I'm missing?
  4. Want to shift the FR for KeyCue support into a different direction: I'm using snippets a lot, most useful feature, and would like to get the keywords shown by KeyCue. That would be awesome. The frequent used keywords I know, but often forget the others...
  5. That's what I did, restarted Alfred, but mail.app is still fired up.
  6. The thing is not the email keyword but the File Actions "Email" and "Email to..." which don't recognize MailMate. Hence, my question regarding the script.
  7. 1. Can I configure Alfred 4 to work with MailMate or do I still need this script? 2. After putting the script into ...Plugins/Email/ how do I tell Alfred to use it?
  8. I like Alfred's filename searching features. I would like use regular-expressions to search for things like: test.*success.log etc.
  9. Ah, thanks. Didn't had the RAD value in mind... Any link to GCMathParser? The official one seems to be offline. BTW: one can use: =cos(dtor(-180)) to get the correct result.
  10. Hi, I'm wondering about the result for '=cos(-180)' which is shown as -,598460069 but should be -1 Any idea what's going on?
  11. I use: 10.11.6 (15G1212) Correct, the 2nd "Alfred Text Service" pop-up is not showing, while an icon is shwon in the Dock. I made a screenrecording: https://db.tt/PwHAG62uGb The manual work around worked !! :-D Very good! Didn't know about this possibility. So, problem solved. No clue why the standard procedure doesn't work.
  12. Ok, so some more information: 1. When starting Alfred a pop-up states "Let's get started" and I see an "Alfred Text Service" icon in my Dock. 2. I don't see the "Alfred Text Service" in Mac's Security & Privacy preferences. 3. When enabling autoexpansion in Alfred, the icon disappears and nothing happens / works. So, where is this service stuff? Is it an app, where can I manually choose it?
  13. Alfred text expansion is not working at all. The OSX text expansion is working (but not in MacVim and of course not in Termin as this isn't supported). Yes, 3.2.1 [768] BTW: Thanks for all the engagement so far :-)
  14. Well there is not a lot to see as just nothing is happening. CMD+V is working. So, this is my configuration and how the text is shown (unexpanded). And a screenshot of the settings that Alfred can control my system.
  15. cmd+v works, but I think I want to use the feature different and chose a bad title. I want the snippets to autoexpand while I type. Which isn't the case. Opening Alfred, getting to the snippet and pasting will definitely work, but that's not a fast workflow.
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