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  1. I am new to Alfred and this site. I have the 'Alfred' v2 and' Alfred for Trello' v1.5 releases running on Mac OS X Yosemite. I created a public Trello workflow and then installed 'Alfred for Trello'as instructed. The instructions currently state that one should select the "jello" button to setup the connection and receive the "token". Unfortunately that didn't work as expected. In fact, nothing was reported in the Notification window or elsewhere. I thought I saw a notice of an incompatibility with Notification (although it was partially blocked when I looked again), so I installed Growl and changed the preferences accordingly. Still nothing was reported when I again selected the "jello" button. Without the token I am unable to proceed with the configuration of 'Alfred for Trello' so now I am here. Any suggestions as to how I should proceed?
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