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  1. @Dasblatz including the Alfred theme switch. The workflow is a separate install as I prefer using a custom Aflred theme I didn't include the toggle as it was only changing the Alfred theme to light.
  2. Dark Mode Workflow for Alfred v.0.5 Enable Dark Mode or Light Mode on macOS Mojave using Alfred Download Dark Mode WorkFlow Or Download Dark Mode WorkFlow (Alfred Theme + macOS Mojave) This version includes the ability to switch Alfred theme to Alfred Mac OS and Alfred MacOS Dark. Install Double click on the "Dark Mode Workflow for Alfred 0.5.alfredworkflow" workflow that you have just downloaded. More info: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/ Usage use darkmode to enable Dark Mode use l
  3. Thank you @gamell I merged your pull request. Added you to the credit, your instructions and increased the version number across everything. Really liking those default variables Cheers
  4. Hi Gabrielle, Did you generate your Trello Developer API Key and then authorised the workflow to work with Trello and entered the correct Board ID? The only way that I was able to replicate the error was by entering the credential incorrectly. Make sure that each preference in the bash file is within '' example below key='00000000000' token='0000000000000000000000000000000' boardid='0000000'
  5. I have just posted an update that should fix your problem. Please make sure to delete the old version before installing the new Trello Workflow. Follow the installation instructions and generate your API KEY and Token. Thanks, Miko
  6. Updated setup instructions to reflect the new permalink structure in Trello. https://github.com/MikoMagni/Alfred-for-Trello/blob/master/README.md#setup Thanks Stephane for letting me know about the issue
  7. Trello Workflow for Alfred App v.1.6.1 Create cards in Trello using Alfred App https://www.alfredapp.com/ Download Trello WorkFlow 1.6.1 Install Double click on the "Trello Workflow for Alfred v.1.6.1" workflow that you have just downloaded. More info: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/ Note: if you have version 1.5 installed, remove it before installing the new version. Setup Generate your Trello Developer API Key Use the keyword "get trello key" to generate your Trello Developer API Key. More information: https://developers.
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