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  1. Thanks guys! helped out a bit, just think i need to review the code in my workflows
  2. So, if i type in for example 'find hello' Instead of searching for the action, it displays "Search Google for 'hello'" The find command is turned on, and works for other items any ideas? I've tried using workflows, and when they're loading or timeout, it asks to "search google for 'command'" Thanks in advance!
  3. I was having the same problem, but i've got a temporary fix... So, you'll need a text editor like Sublime Me, Textwrangler or even textedit, and you'll need to go into the lux workflow folder.. I typed "find luxinate.py" into Alfred, and found the file. Open it up, then search for "def hasConnection(self):" and change "return False" to "return True" (line 827 of code) It'll bypass its check, as i've tried changing the IP it pings to to something else with no result. So it should help you out hopefully!! Cheers,
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