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  1. even I am facing this problem. The Keyword to mail which is mailto when I type mailto and the contact name nothing happens what is supposed to come up ? Can someone please tell me also about emailing and emailing multiple files from Alfred ?
  2. So from what i understand is, I can find files, find dictionary meanings, launch applications using Alfred, Do a google search and customer search. is there anything else that I can do with Alfred ? why should one go for the Powerpack feature of Alfred ? How does it help ? And what do I do of workflows how does it help ?
  3. Sorry didn't understand what are you saying yes to and First one and then the other ?
  4. Ok, so lets say I have to find a meaning of a word, so what do I type in the Alfred Search Bar " Define xxxx" something like this ? and where can I expect to see the meaning of the word in the Alfred Search Bar itself ? or do I type in the Alfred Search Bar and hit enter am then it will show me the meaning in a new window ?
  5. Hi Guys, Perhaps this might sound pretty basic but I wanted to know within the Alfred search how can I find a meaning for a word like a dictionary meaning, what would be the command for it ? Thanks
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