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  1. Absolutely great, thank you very much for that! Topic can be closed/moved/deleted, solution found.
  2. As I understand it, file filters only search in the specified "Scope". However, I'm thinking of something more like a "dynamic" scope, entered in the user's query. In the file filter solution, I assume I'd have to create a filter for each (set of) folders I'd like to search in. Which is OK, but not ideal. Or am I missing something?
  3. One of the major annoyances I have when wanting to go inside a folder that's in some complicated path is actually writing the whole path. In Terminal, I can define aliases and use Tab completion, but I am hoping Alfred can help me achieve more and easier. I know it already has path navigation, with included Tab completion. But here's a scenario I'm thinking of and suggesting for possible implementation. Say I have a couple of PDFs in a path such as `$HOME/Dropbox/school/cs/1st-year/swift/problem-books-swift/` and I know the author of the book is Alfred McMac. But maybe I have more than one of his books and I can't remember the title. Assuming I only have one folder called "problem-books-swift", I'm hoping Alfred could help me search directly in that folder. For example, I could input "problem-books-swift/ Alfred McMac" and it would limit the searches to that folder only. Is this possible in the present version, i.e. to limit the searches to a certain folder? If so, how would you do this? If not, would you consider implementing it? Is it feasible, do you find it useful? Thank you and many congrats yet again on a totally awesome vital app I'm using from a couple of years!
  4. @Andrew Thank you very much, sir! Top quality support, as always!
  5. @Andrew I know, I do that sometimes, but maybe I'm impatient enough to choose the file-search method.
  6. I'm sorry, what do you mean by this exactly? Generally, I'm launching apps directly, i.e. calling Alfred by cmd+space and typing the name of the app. However, in the situation we're talking about, I noticed that they do not appear in the results until I open them for the first time. So if it's the first time I'm calling an app that was just installed, I open it with cmd+space, then another space, so I get the apostrophe in the search bar, as if I'm searching for files. This is what I do and this is what causes the issue, I reckon. Is this what you meant?
  7. Hello everybody, I've seen that this was briefly discussed here before, but since the OP didn't reply further, I assume the thread was closed, since I cannot reply there. So I reopen the issue. I'm running the latest Alfred, v 3.3 [801] on a 2016 13" MacBook Pro with TouchBar, also running the latest official Sierra 10.12.3 (non-beta). The issue I'm having is as described there: Download any non-MAS app; Open it with Alfred after installation by drag & drop in /Applications Alfred hangs, its window blocking the Gatekeeper confirmation behind it (so killing Alfred from the Activity Monitor is the only way of 'solving' the issue). I got this bug with absolutely every app I've installed. The latest, a couple of minutes ago, being AppDelete. So while I don't know or understand the cause, I just wanted to report that the bug is still here.
  8. Hello everybody! This is my first post here and I have close to zero experience with programming. But I really love Alfred and it replaced Spotlight since the first day for me. Sorry if the question is dumb or misplaced, but there's really only one thing I miss from Spotlight, which I don't know how to get in Alfred. And that is "Show all in Finder". Concrete example: I search Alfred for "tags school" and it displays all the files I tagged "school". How can I make it open a Finder window with all of them? The only way I found to do this was to write as if I were searching in Spotlight, so instead of "tags school" I write "tag: school", then Alt+Return shows all the results in Finder, as I want. But is there any other way? I much prefer to see the search results in Alfred, then show them in Finder. Please help, explain or point me to a workflow, as I don't know how to write my own, unfortunately. Thank you very much!
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