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  1. @AndrewIt works!!! Thanks But it would be nice if it is automatically moved with the backup
  2. Hi I have a pretty big clipboard history that I use a lot but I changed my machine and now I dont have it! it disapeared! I made the backup and it moved the features and setup but not the history :(
  3. We have two settings in the WebBookmarks tab. 1. The owner user from which it should search the bookmarks. 2. To open the bookmark in the browser of that user. I think that having the 2. option does not make sense if can only select 1 user in 1. Can we have the option to search in all bookmarks from all users, and on open, open it on the respective browser?
  4. Hi Will be cool to have keywords for {day}, {year}, {month}, {hours}, {minutes}, {seconds} placeholders to snippes since sometimes you need some format displaying the date or time. Thanks
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