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Good day to you ladies and gentlemen,


just a little introduction:

When I was looking for a 2Do workflow, I did not find something that really fits my needs. But I found this: http://www.packal.org/workflow/apple-reminders

That is why I decided to create a 2Do workflow similar to the workflow above.


You can add following information through Alfred:

  • Keywords are: rm, twodo and todo
  • Task title (can't be empty)
  • Due date (if empty or wrong format, it will use your default)
  • Due time (if empty or wrong format, it will use your default)
  • List (if empty or list doesn't exist, it will use your default)


Other functions:

  • st <keyword> - will search for your keyword in 2Do
  • nt - launches the app with new task screen 


Some further information to due date and due time:

Due date formats:

  • <day> - will add the current month and current year
  • <day>.<month> - current year will be added
  • <day>.<month>. - current year will be added
  • <day>.<month>.<year>
  • <weekday> - the next <weekday> (f.e. Friday) will be your due date
  • today
  • tomorrow
  • next week
  • in <days> days - due in x days 
  • <days> days - same as above


Due time formats:

  • <hours> - will add ":00" 
  • <hours>:<minutes>


If you have any suggestions, please keep the 2do url-schemes in mind: https://www.2doapp.com/kb/article/url-schemes.html

But feel free to post them! Also don't forget to ask questions.


Source: https://github.com/janonymousgit/2doalfredworkflow


Have a nice day!


Please let me know if something doesn't work properly.



Known issues:


Latest changes:

  • Fixed due date issue
  • Added an option to search for keywords (st <keyword>)
  • Added "nt" to open app with new task screen
  • new Git-Source
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