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Why not using Evernote as Bookmark Manager?


I am constantly saving URLs as bookmarks with the Evernote web clipper but finding it and open it was a bit challenging. Therefore I decided to implement a Alfred WF for searching Evernote notes based on a given tag and search term: 


Usage:  enb <query>

  • - Shift for quicklook url
  • - CMD to copy to clipboard




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Hello. I have downloaded the workflow and it does not work at this time. First thing: the keyword says 'esb', not 'enb'. Second thing: searches do not offer any results. I use High Sierra last version, winth spanish enviroment. A greeting.

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Hi. Did you configure the tag name in WF settings? The tag name is the name of the tag that you use to tag a Evernote notes with URLs.


If yes and it is still not working, what is the WF log saying (small bug top right)

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