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I'm a new advanced user on alfred with powerpack. 

I use also contact module. A missing feature would be to be able to find in contact details. 

Some use cases : 


* looking for identity on a missing call : I can not look for a contact from its phone number

* looking for a company contact, when I've forgotten his name

* looking for a note : I look for a contact from a keyword stored in contact notes



Would be great if it would be available, in particular linked with Google Contacts. 


We can find this feature, for example, in dashboard pane in macos with contacts widget.


This feature is available on Contact Filter plugin but is not resilient : not available to have a kind of "LIKE" operator : if phone number is stored as "+337 27 36 356 22", you will find nothing if you type "7273635622" or "+337273635622" ...



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