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Is it possible for Alfred to search in raindrop.io?

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Or should it be a feature of raindrop.io?

Right now I'm migrating all of my bookmarks from safari to raindrop.io, it's a great app. But the only thing I'm missing is that I used to launch bookmark pages directly from alfred search. Is it possible for alfred to search all the bookmarks&tags in raindrop.io the same way it does to safari bookmarks?

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On 1/26/2020 at 2:48 PM, vitor said:

Welcome @tylast,


Reading a local database is likely to be more error-prone than using the API, because it will be undocumented, may cause corruption if you’re writing to it, and may require chasing a changing format.

Coincidentally, someone posted something after your request, though it’s essentially a web search.


Interesting. What do you mean that the workflow is a websearch?

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