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  1. Start recording audio, the screen, or the webcam, fast. Press a Hotkey or call a Keyword, and the respective recording will begin. At the moment, only QuickTime Player is supported as a recording app. Download | Source
  2. I’d like to add other apps (and the code is ready for that), but so far none fit the bill. ScreenFlow doesn’t support AppleScript (that surprised me; it’s supposed to be a pro app) and Kap uses Electron (so no AppleScript as well). But if your favourite app supports AppleScript, do let me know.
  3. vitor

    Searching files managed by Box Drive

    Welcome @Michael Mills, And can Spotlight find those files? Have you gone through the troubleshooting steps?
  4. vitor

    new machine and install

    That is recommended, yes. You can do so via Alfred Preferences → Powerpack → View your license key → Deactivate.
  5. vitor

    Monthly subscription or 1-time?

    Alfred is an app for power users. Power users historically dislike subscriptions. Alfred’s community isn’t gigantic, but it is loyal. A subscription-based product would drive tons of people away. There are people who complain that they have (hint: they don’t have) to upgrade to a major versions after years of using the current one, even after getting a bunch of smaller upgrades over that same time, so can you imagine with subscriptions? I don’t have any insider information, but it should be safe to assume Alfred’s team has at least considered it and so far decided against it. I’d wager that as a small (two people) team, they dislike subscriptions as well and have low enough costs to support the software as is. Non-subscription software gets a lot of good will. Just look at the Affinity suite of design software. They take every chance they get to take a jab at Adobe by always mentioning they’re not subscription-based. They know that attracts a specific section of loyal users and are betting on them. Again, I don’t have any insider information. But that would’ve been my logic.
  6. vitor

    First party sync service

    Likely not exclusively. iCloud Drive was notoriously unreliable when it debuted. That said, I haven’t heard of any major issues for a good while. If that’s because it has improved or because most people stopped using it, I can’t say. Probably a bit of both. In your shoes, I’d go for it but remember to backup everything once in a while. That said, I do use iCloud Drive a lot with iA Writer, and haven’t had any trouble I recall (or that I noticed!).
  7. Welcome @Habeneck, Could you clarify how exactly you’d expect this work? So I’m imagining you’d: Invoke Alfred Type a keyword. Type something to filter for matching bookmarks. Press ↵ on the one you want, and have its URL paste into the active window. Is that accurate? It should be possible to do with a Workflow, but since Alfred has a native feature for looking up bookmarks it might be better to request the option to copy/paste the selected bookmark with a modifier key.
  8. vitor

    First party sync service

    It’s an extra app and service you have to worry about on your system. And it’s one that can at times be really resource intensive and has privacy implications (I remember something about them possibly scanning all your hard drive). That seems unlikely, and I doubt you (or anyone else) would actually want that. It’d not only increase the cost of Alfred as an app, it would likely need to move to a subscription service. Alfred Preferences, since they include Workflows, can easily go for over 100MB (don’t even want to image for people who install Node Workflows). That amount of storage for each user, plus the overhead of coding and maintaining the sync server and maintaining said server would quickly shift Alfred’s focus. And how would you prevent abuse (people storing too much)? Now you either have people unhappy because they can’t sync everything, or you need to introduce paid tiers. The whole thing would quickly devolve into a mess not worth it for a two-person (one coder) team, seeing as the vast majority of users are happy with things the way they are. It’s not recommended because iCloud Drive has been unreliable for people in the past, going so far as to make them lose their preferences. But you aren’t forbidden from using it; you just need to be wary that if something goes wrong, you have been warned. If you’re using iCloud Drive as your primary source for everything else, you should be fine. Just remember to turn off the feature that deletes unused files from your machine (System Preferences → iCloud → iCloud Drive (Options…) → [unckeck] Optimize Mac Storage).
  9. Mine is ⌃␣ (Ctrl + Space). I’ve switched from ⌘␣ because design software tends to use ␣ for a temporary pan tool, ⌘␣ for a temporary zoom in tool, and ⌘⌥␣ for a temporary zoom out tool.
  10. Connect a Hotkey Trigger to a List Filter Input. Add items to the list with the names you want. Then there’s a few options, depending on how the games are organised. If the games are all app bundles you can launch by double clicking in the Finder, an option is to have the Arg be the full path to it. Then connect that List Filter Input to a Run Script Action with open "${1}" in the Script box (leave everything else as the default).
  11. For reference, it works fine in Alfred 3.
  12. Welcome @davidsword, There are some good solutions to that problem. See the following post for the previous discussion.
  13. Open Alfred and run reload. If that doesn’t fix it, try Alfred Preferences → Advanced → Rebuild macOS Metadata.
  14. @Maddog Does that happen frequently on the same apps? I noticed that when I had that feature on, it mostly happened when copying from iTerm2. I started making precisely that to share, and it ended up being way easier than what I was envisioning initially. There you go.
  15. No ideia. I only know there’s a cat because it appears on the Alfred Remote video.
  16. Welcome @Cullen, This objection doesn’t really make sense. As explained earlier in this thread, Alfred wants to be explicitly called by design. In that sense, complaining it “still” doesn’t do something it never proposed itself to is like complaining newer lightbulbs still can’t be used to scramble eggs. Alfred isn’t failing to do scheduled tasks; it’s not trying to. And it is. And it’s also easy to have a Workflow trigger at a specific time, by leveraging other tools or native macOS functionality, as explained above. We’d be more than happy to help you with that, if you have a specific question. There’s no reason to. Alfred’s team isn’t a major corporation trying to rip you off. Rather, it’s a lovely couple (and a cat) that cares deeply for their users and their satisfaction above all. Together with the tight and helpful community in this forum, we’ll do our best to get you sorted. But we will need you to be more specific about what you want to accomplish and where your difficulty lies.
  17. vitor

    Migration failed

    Hello Michael, Have you, by any chance, synced your Alfred Preferences? If so, you might need to do it again, meaning you’ll point Alfred to the directory you synced previously.
  18. Creating a Hotkey Workflow Hotkey Trigger Open File Action Those will get you started. The final Workflow is literally two connected nodes. Let us know if you still have trouble after checking those links.
  19. No. The first line needs to read ./node_modules/.bin/run-node index.js "$1" &.
  20. No. Both scripts will be executed at the same time. Without the &, the second script only executes after the first finishes. With it, the first script starts executing and releases control immediately so the second one can start as well.
  21. vitor

    PDF Metadata Editor?

    I did not. That’s different enough from the original request that it requires too many modifications/rethinking how the Workflow is built.
  22. Yes. It’s a Chrome issue:
  23. It should work if you connect the same Keyword to two Run Scripts, or if you have both commands in the same Run Script and append a & to the first one, to send the job to the background. But when asking for help with a Workflow, please upload it somewhere so we can properly help you. Debugging can already be hard with access to the code, and you’re asking us to guess yours from a description. There are multiple places where your code or Workflow setup may be going wrong. Without looking at it we’re shooting in the dark. Read the Reporting Problems with Workflows topic, as it gives a nice overview on how to build an effective report.
  24. vitor

    [SOLVED] Chrome search from Alfred

    Alfred simply passes the request to the OS; how it is handled is determined by macOS/the browser. If I understood the issue correctly, this is an intricacy with Google Chrome. I seem to recall an open bug report in their tracker regarding this behaviour.
  25. Update. viewport is now resolution and uses dpi.lv. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.