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  1. I’d prefer to find a solution which would work out of the box, even if it meant including a compiled binary which doesn’t seem simple with fswatch. My first thought was using a launch agent with WatchPaths, but that’s not recursive.
  2. If I understood you correctly, what you want is a job for something like Karabiner-Elements.
  3. Can’t say I agree that would make sense for Alfred. It’s a whole different paradigm and PopClip’s whole point. By design Alfred runs when it’s called and is otherwise invisible; adding a whole new automatic context seems neither simple nor consistent. You request would (literally) entail rewriting PopClip itself into Alfred. It would make more sense to have PopClip invoke Alfred Workflows, which you probably can do via AppleScript.
  4. Not everyone is familiar with PopClip. It helps if you explain exactly how it’s feature works, with screenshots.
  5. Not finding it now, but I know there’s a Workflow in this forum which uses GUI automation to do just that.
  6. If that does work and Google doesn’t make a launchd daemon to work around the issue, maybe we can. That StackExchange answer is from July and already has a “not as permanent as I thought” edit so not jumping into that solution just yet. Either way, the Workflow has been ready for about a week with some changes, including support for multiple Google Drive paths. It also (tries to) uses the included SQLIte gem, so it might solve your issue @millerstevew. Pinging @alfredpanda because you asked to be notified of the release.
  7. This Workflow was born out of a lot of iteration and back and forth with Google Drive users. While it should be fairly solid in its current incarnation, it needs to be taken into account the solution is necessary due to a gap in this Apple / Google dynamic. As such, things may change and I’m saving this second spot on the thread in case I’ll need to share some important messaging regarding this to new users.
  8. An interim Workflow to bridge the gap until (if) Google Drives fixes the situation of files not being indexable by Spotlight (and thus Alfred). Call gd and type to list and filter the contents of your Google Drive. Before your first use, you will have to either run :gdrebuildcache or :gdlaunchd. The former builds a cache of your files on demand; the latter uses a macOS launchd agent to rebuild it every day (run :gdlaunchd again to uninstall it). The Workflow Environment Variables have defaults which will work for most people. You will only have to mess with them if you have an atypical setup. google_drive_path: The location of Google Drive on your file system. Can take multiple paths separated by commas. ignore_list: A comma-separated list of keywords to ignore. If any appears in a path, it will not be saved to your cache. result_limit: How many entries to show in Alfred. Download | Source
  9. Yes, that is documented. Syncing—and any other setting—is unrelated to your license. You can sync one, none, both, to different locations or the same, it’s your choice. Alfred itself doesn’t do the syncing, it allows you to pick a custom Preferences location which you can then sync (e.g. Dropbox).
  10. Keywords always have to be activated. If you want code to run without actioning a result, you need to use a Script Filter.
  11. On the page, you say (emphasis mine): Allow me to quote, in full, “Atomic Blog Posts” by Mike Crittenden: He posts every day. As to the Workflow, a few suggestions: Fill the “About this Workflow” field. Even the information you posted above would be a good start. You never know how people will find your Workflow.Link directly to the download or at least a page that explains how to do it. Many people don’t use GitHub and will have a hard time understanding how to download from that page.If you want to add auto-update capabilities, OneUpdater would fit your Workflow. Disclaimer: I’m the author, and I’m available for questions. In your specific case, the configuration would be: readonly remote_info_plist="https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rknightuk/alfred-workflows/main/workflows/safari-tabs-markdown/src/info.plist" readonly workflow_url="https://github.com/rknightuk/alfred-workflows/raw/main/workflows/safari-tabs-markdown/safari-tabs-markdown.alfredworkflow" readonly download_type='direct' readonly frequency_check='4'
  12. Yes, there is an API for that. But the icon still remains the original, only switching when the app is open. Iconography inside the app itself isn’t affected, naturally.
  13. Welcome to the forums, @quakebook, Unfortunately, I’m replying to this to give my vote against. Big Sur icons are for the most part hideous and without personality, and a lot of them are lazily tacked on to a squircle (see every Chromium Browser). Alfred’s icon has no reason to ever be in the Dock, so in the times you do see it, having it be contained in a squircle makes little sense.
  14. Link was broken, with %C2%A0 in the place of the space. Fixed now.
  15. Updates. If possible, items are recovered from trash on marking unwatched. If successful, you’ll hear a sound. If not, you’ll get a notification with the reason.Changed the error sound. Made some code cleanup to better handle a few cases. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
  16. Change google_drive_path. You didn’t tell me what your error was. That could be useful to help other people.
  17. That should not be happening and I cannot reproduce. What exactly is the error? Well, you do have a lot of files. Nothing I can do on that front. Happy to report that’s already implemented, but I was saving it for the (imminent) official release of the Workflow. That would be the proverbial kitchen sink. It’s a niche feature with one requester that would complicate the Workflow for everyone. The result should be approachable, not be a mini-Spotlight with more features than it has. Not saying it’s never going to happen, but definitely not something for the first version. Find the next if path.symlink? and add a next if path.file? underneath. And change the Workflow’s bundle ID.
  18. They’re wasting so many resources to do damage control (and failing) that I wonder if the alleged gains will compensate the loss. They did take VC money, which is a kiss of death. They’ll either run themselves to the ground or become a corporate husk of their former selves, all in the pursuit of growth. They’ve decided making more money was more important than continuing to provide users with the polished experience they’ve been accustomed to (and supporting them for) for years. That is their choice to make, and they should own it. This situation where people keep telling them what they don’t want and they deflect is getting embarrassing. It’s not like there aren’t real and well-know reasons to distrust Electron and node, especially on a security-minded application.
  19. Welcome. It has been asked of you to not open new threads for existing Workflows. Making these isn’t giving more visibility to your issue, it gives it less, because the people familiar with the Workflow are less likely to see it. Please help us keep the forum organised.
  20. It’s impossible to tell what you’ve done from screenshots alone. Please post your Workflow somewhere so we’re able to take a proper look.
  21. The Workflow is, and that’s what matters. No. I get the correct architecture. No. The Workflow uses the system’s installation on purpose. Not only is it more consistent across machines, there are so many language managers that it would be infeasible to support them. That your configuration is using the wrong architecture is a macOS bug, and you should report that to Apple via Feedback Assistant. I wouldn’t be. I have zero trust in Apple not mucking up that process. I always do clean installs, never direct upgrades, precisely because of that. This might work to fix your case. Try it with either the Homebrew-installed gem or without it. Between each try, you’d have to delete the directory at "${HOME}/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Workflow Data/com.vitorgalvao.alfred.googledrive". Open a terminal and paste this, followed by ↵: mkdir -p "${HOME}/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Workflow Data/com.vitorgalvao.alfred.googledrive" gem install sqlite3 --no-document --install-dir "${HOME}/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Workflow Data/com.vitorgalvao.alfred.googledrive/sqlite3"
  22. Update. Set correct pasteboard type for HTML. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
  23. Welcome @snipleur, That’s the wrong model. Large Type is meant to show you final information, not continue to other actions. That is the the right model. Since you want a list of fixed results, what you’re looking for is the List Filter Input.
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