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  1. Why? What is it about that program that makes it impossible to use other methods? You don’t need to open and close a Terminal. A Run Script node is more appropriate. Download this workflow. Press the hotkey and it’ll ask you for a name. A png with that name will be saved to your Desktop.
  2. "{query}".gsub(/[^\d,]/, '').split(',').each { |v| system('open', "{v}") } open is a system command (it’s in /usr/bin/open); you can call it from any language. I’m just not a php user, so I don’t know how to do that one-liner without researching it.
  3. Haven’t tested it much, but this should work. It’s basically "{query}".split(',').each { |v| system('open', "{v}") } (ruby). So split on commas and for each one just use the system’s open command, that will interpret the URL as something to open in the default web browser.
  4. When filtering snippets with the Keyword of Viewer, it only searches the snippet’s information (and inconsistently). Ideally, the snippet’s contents should also be considered when filtering, as sometimes we remember part of the content but not the snippet itself.
  5. There’s no coding needed for such a simple workflow. All you need is Keyword and Open URL. Download the pre-made workflow and adapt to your needs.
  6. Apparently, I’ve already made a feature request for this, in September.
  7. Try increasing it. Also, check the troubleshooting steps.
  8. Each snippet has a Name and a Keyword. Why not add your prefixes (lx) to its name? That way you can easily filter them like you want. Alfred already has two different methods to invoke snippet browsers (“Viewer Hotkey” and “Snippet Keyword”).
  9. Same here. I do understand you’re frustrated, but I’m unsure how to help. Is there any (relatively simple) workflow you can (semi-)successfully use but still have doubts how it works? Maybe from there it’d be easier to explain and make everything click into place.
  10. I can reproduce this! And I’ve never even opened iTunes (haven’t even accepted the agreement). Fun bug (?). I do have a friend near me that doesn’t have Alfred. I’ve asked her to search for “one” in Spotlight, and iTunes was the top result for her as well — makes sense, since Alfred uses Spotlight’s database. This shows, however, this isn’t an Alfred bug.
  11. It should work the same for both methods. And for me it does.
  12. Make this workflow: Make the Script Filter code: IFS=$'\n' echo "<?xml version='1.0'?><items>" for line in $(grep '\[.+\]\(.+\)' < 'FILE_PATH'); do sed -E "s|.*\[(.+)\]\((.+)\).*|<item arg='\2' valid='yes'><title>\1</title></item>|" <<< "${line}" done echo "</items>" Replace FILE_PATH with the actual path to your file, and you’re done. Activate Alfred filters results as well, and you’ll get filtering for free.
  13. Alfred Preferences → Features → Default Results → Search Scope. Do You have ~/Library/Mobile Documents on that list?
  14. Quite frankly, I’ve stopped reading there. If by now you still can’t understand I’m simply explaining why the request is unlikely to be fulfilled, and not arguing for it not be fulfilled, then it’s unlikely you ever will. I’m sorry I couldn’t (apparently) make my argument clear enough for you, but I also don’t wish to spend more time on this. A sincere wish of a good day to you both (?). I assure you I’m being genuine and saying this without malice, but this is where we part ways.
  15. No one claimed Alfred couldn’t be used in an enterprise context, just that it has no features geared for it. Similarly, no one claimed you had to sell on the forum or Packal, just that the forum is likely the best place for discovery. In the end, you did ask for our opinion, not our confirmation. In me and @deanishe you have the two most frequently present Workflow developers on these forums — it’s likely every new post gets a response from at least one of us. What we can give you best is our view of Alfred’s community. You’re conflating people/average joe with company/startup. Those are pretty different. If you’re talking about selling it to your startup clients (as a consultant?), I’d argue you’re not actually selling a Workflow, you’re selling a tool that just happens to be packaged as a Workflow. You can sell anything to clients you’re already servicing as long as you make it valuable to them — technology is irrelevant. So either the conclusion is our opinion doesn’t matter anyway, because you’re selling to your clients and you know their needs better than we do; or that no, we don’t think selling Workflows full-time to random people will be very profitable. From your answer, it seems you would still try either way, so best of luck! And don’t forget the write-up if it ends up working out for you.
  16. Alfred Preferences → File Search → Navigation → Previous Path?
  17. Alfred Preferences → File Search → Actions → File Selection.
  18. You can’t. Alfred needs to copy them to be able to expand (paste) them. But you can restore your clipboard to what it was. Alfred Preferences → Features → Snippets → (small cog in top right) → Tweaking → Restore clipboard contents after.
  19. Not to mention the more complex it is to implement, likely the more complex it’ll be to use or the more case-specific it will be. Either way, it reduces the audience more. Also, the more broadly-appealing the thing your workflow does is, the likelier it’ll be done by someone for free, even if it is complex.
  20. Like I said: That also won’t get you far, money-wise. Certainly not to be done full-time.
  21. I remember a user a good while ago (maybe two years) trying it. I never heard of it again and I doubt they sold a single copy. No, it is not. There are no features in Alfred that are specifically geared for organisational use. That wouldn’t really make much sense. I’d say it’s definitely personal. I’ve thought about this before, have a good number of Workflows and users, and even held the top spot for most contributions on Packal for a good while. All that in mind, I still doubt I’d be able to do any meaningful amount of money. Expectations are important, and for the most part Alfred workflows are expected by the vast majority of users to be free. I doubt there are enough users to counter that trend and make the Workflows even ramen profitable. Especially when you can come on the forums and ask for help building it yourself. I also don’t think it’d sit well with many users if you sold the Workflows on these forums. But the forums are also very community-driven and I doubt there’s a better place to gain traction. Some users do offer to pay for the time of whoever helps them, but as you can guess those are the (tiny) minority. I have received very few and modest donations from users (and I do appreciate them greatly!), but never asked for them. I also don’t think Alfred Workflows lend themselves to being sold, from the way they’re built. The interactions you can do with Alfred are simple enough and well documented, so the only complexity you can add is via code. That means most you can do is build a good tool (likely CLI) that your Workflow will use, and at that point you’re not really selling the workflow, you’re selling the tool, and quite frankly narrowing your market. If there is a way, I’m betting the most you can do is something like Dash, where you’re selling a tool and have the Workflow as a companion that promotes the tool itself. All that said, if you can indeed do it, I’d be interesting in reading your use case. After all, it’d mean I was wrong, and I’d like to learn what I missed.
  22. Call macclean and your keyboard will be temporarily locked (for seconds_to_lock in the Workflow Environment Variables) so you can clean them at will without messing what you’re doing. The workflow will give you a timer of how many seconds are left to unlock and a notification when it’s done You will be asked for your password when locking since this operation requires elevated privileges (which is a good thing). Do keep in mind that if something goes wrong in the process, you may (naturally) need to forcefully restart your machine. That is very unlikely and I’ve been using this for quite some time without any issues, but you should be aware of it. Download | Source License All the code in the workflow’s root directory is licensed under The Unlicense (Public Domain, essentially). Applications and libraries inside the “_licensed” directory are not public domain, and are accompanied by their respective licenses.
  23. I don’t think it possible, but like you said, this isn’t Alfred-specific. This is the wrong place to ask, try Ask Different instead.
  24. Try this. When you activate the keyword, it simply grabs whatever is on your clipboard and makes the modifications. Namely it deletes any § that is at the beginning of the line, and substitutes all § with , .