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  1. It is unlikely this has anything to do with font rendering. Those aren’t the typical “not found” error squares one sees, and appear to be two distinct characters ([]). In addition, they all stop and start working at exactly the same place: when there’s a context change. This is probably an issue with either the workflow or the source it is reading from, not Alfred. This is reinforced by the notion that you’re not seeing it happen with every workflow. Open the debugger, and check the output for errors. Post it on the workflow’s thread, where you’ll get more targeted help.
  2. Did you go through all the troubleshooting steps?
  3. Alfred can’t run a workflows automatically whenever you update your clipboard. By design, Alfred needs to be deliberately called. I’ve made LinkClean to clean links, but since I don’t use facebook I have no idea what unnecessary cruft they usually add to links, hence cannot clean it. If you can give me detailed examples of those, I can add them to the workflow (or you can submit them yourself).
  4. Showing it as large type will take the focus from Alfred, meaning you’ll have to call it again. A better option might be to show it with Quick Look (Features → File Search → Previews → Quick Look). You can’t do it with a Keyword, but you can do it with a Script Filter. It has a quicklookurl property. Make a text file with the details of your options and press the Quick Look shortcut to preview the file.
  5. You’ll have a greater chance by asking in those threads. If someone knows how to do it, they will be there.
  6. There are multiple workflows for Omnifocus.
  7. Make sure you’re on the latest version. Open the debugger, and post the output.
  8. Take screenshots with a keyboard shortcut and upload them directly to imgur. Will produce both a sound and a visual notification when done, and copy the resulting direct link to your clipboard. A link to delete the image will also be produced and saved to /tmp/webscreenshot_latest_upload_delete_url.txt. You may also upload an image (or pdf, since imgur also supports it as an upload, but converts it to png) by picking the Upload Screenshot File Action. Each of those has a counterpart. The top ones leave the images untouched, while the bottom ones resample them before uploading. This is useful if you have a retina screen, as your images will otherwise appear twice the size when viewed on a browser. Download | Source License All the code in the workflow’s root directory is licensed under The Unlicense (Public Domain, essentially). Applications and libraries inside the “_licensed” directory are not public domain, and are accompanied by their respective licenses.
  9. Exactly why I wrote this post:
  10. From Alfred’s side, it is doable with a Script Filter. Then it all depends on Google’s side, as you may or may not be able to do it in that case. See this StackOverflow answer for the available ways to do it and this workflow to get a sense of it.
  11. That’s because it was on a temporary host, seeing as it was a quick and dirty workflow. It’s fairly easy to recreate, hence the screenshot. @Yuri do you still have it, to share with @dustying?
  12. At this point, I’m getting more inclined to deprecate the workflow. It never worked with MacBook Airs, and now it seems it won’t work with the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. If you read the issues you’ll see how hard it is to diagnose without access to the specific machine model. With my MacBook where it used to work with El Capitan it seems to be causing kernel panics with Sierra. And it always shows the dialog to connect a bluetooth keyboard, obscuring the countdown. Full-fledged apps can do it, like KeyboardCleanTool. I’m unsure it can be accomplished via CLI without a tool made for it. I’ll continue to look for a solution and update the workflow if I can find it, deprecate it if I don’t.
  13. Call macclean and your keyboard and trackpad will be temporarily locked (for seconds_to_lock in the Workflow Environment Variables) so you can clean them at will without messing what you’re doing. The workflow will give you a timer of how many seconds are left to unlock and a notification when it’s done You will be asked for your password when locking since this operation requires elevated privileges (which is a good thing). Do keep in mind that if something goes wrong in the process, you may (naturally) need to forcefully restart your machine. That is very unlikely and I’ve been using this for quite some time without any issues, but you should be aware of it. Download | Source License All the code in the workflow’s root directory is licensed under The Unlicense (Public Domain, essentially). Applications and libraries inside the “_licensed” directory are not public domain, and are accompanied by their respective licenses.
  14. Mind showing us how exactly you’re copying, so we can see where the problem lies? You can record your screen with QuickTime Player.
  15. Update. Better handling of setting renew time in launchd agent. There’s also a new option to reinstall the agent, to account for when daylight savings messes up the time. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days (15 or less) and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
  16. Stream from a selection of short films, powered by Short of the Week. Run shorts and it’ll download and show a list of the latest films. Pick one and it’ll start streaming. Alternatively, use ⌘ to copy its link to the clipboard. Short of the Week publishes a new short every day and building the initial list takes a few seconds, so after the initial download the list is cached for one day. If you want the list ready at all times without having to wait, run :shortfilmslaunchd to install (or later remove, running the same command) a launchd service to seamlessly update the list every day close to the time Short of the Week updates their website. Streaming is done with either mpv or vlc, depending on what you have (mpv takes precedence). For mpv, youtube-dl is a requirement; use the youtube_dl_path Workflow Environment Variable to set its path, if needed. Download | Source License The Unlicense (Public Domain, essentially)
  17. Perhaps it was some Spotlight indexing issue.
  18. I was under the impression this had been discussed before, but am not being able to find it. Currently, when we enter file selection or use a Hotkey with Argument: Selection in macOS, the last clipboard entry becomes whatever our selection was. Would it be possible for the clipboard to not be overridden (or at least be immediately restored once Alfred is done with what it needs from it)? My use case is a workflow for text replacements. Specific example: I copy a piece of text to the clipboard; select another piece of text in a document; press a hotkey; the result is [selected_text](text_from_cipboard). A gif exemplifies: It would be expected that these two connected nodes would suffice: However, since the last clipboard entry becomes whatever our selection was, by the time Alfred outputs the text, it has already become [iA Writer](iA Writer), which is no good.
  19. @Andrew Gentle nudge, in case you missed/forgot about this (since you usually reply to Feature Suggestions).
  20. @robert_muench If you think it helps to show the behaviour, you can easily record your screen with QuickTime Player.
  21. Use the thesaurus service provided by to get synonyms and antonyms to words. To set up, get an API key and set it in the Workflow Environment Variables. You can then check for synonyms and antonyms by calling syn or ant followed by a space and the word you wish to check against. Alternatively, select a word and press the shortcut you defined to get the results. Pressing ↩ on a word will paste it to the front most app, which is useful when writing a text and want to change a word in place. Download | Source License The Unlicense (Public Domain, essentially)
  22. Update. OneUpdater is still behaving solidly, so as usual this update isn’t mandatory, but it has some new niceties. I’ve removed the option to compare a local file to a remote file. Now, you always give it the location of the remote info.plist. Instead of comparing two files, it always compares the version in the local workflow to the version in the remote info.plist. This was done for several reasons: There’s now one less variable you need to set. The new (and only) method to trigger updates is to change the workflow version (which already was the previously recommended method) in the configuration sheet, and you should be doing that anyway. If you were already relying on info.plist and had Workflow Environment Variables (especially ones that are not exported), that meant an update notice could trigger even when there were no changes upstream. In that same line, if you’re a user and made some local changes to other parts of the workflow, you could also have an update triggered. In sum, this update makes OneUpdater easier to setup and more reliable with corner cases. This does mean compatibility with Alfred 2 is broken (since it does not have a version field for workflows), but the old version will continue to work fine. As usual, update with :updateoneupdater.
  23. OneUpdater is an updater you can plug with minimal configuration into workflows, to keep them up-to-date in users’ machines. Easiest way to use it is to copy one of its OneUpdater nodes (the pink ones, with the note) to another workflow. If the workflow actions anything (you press ↩ at some point during usage), copy the top node (Run Script). Connect it to the most used action and double click to edit it. Fill the top variables with the correct values, and you’re done. If the workflow doesn’t action anything (Script Filters with no connections), copy the bottom node (Script Filter). Double click to edit it. Make its Keyowrd the same as the most used in the workflow, fill the top variables with the correct values, and you’re done. The top lines (the ones that need changing) have comments explaining what they mean and some example values, but here’s an overview with a real example, from a version of ShortFilms: readonly remote_info_plist='' readonly workflow_url='' readonly workflow_type='workflow' readonly frequency_check='15' remote_info_plist is the URL to this workflow’s up-to-date info.plist on a server. When checking for updates (in this case every 15 days, the number in frequency_check), the workflow version in that file will be compared to the one in the local workflow. If they differ, the code will continue. If workflow_type is set to workflow, workflow_url will be treated as the direct URL to a .alfredworkflow; it will be downloaded and opened. If workflow_type is set to page, workflow_url will be treated as a webpage and opened in the default browser. For it to work you need only update the workflow version in the configuration sheet (which should be done anyway). When any update happens, the user will be informed via a notification. It will use terminal-notfier if it is somewhere in the workflow’s directory, otherwise it will use a plain AppleScript-called notification. Download | Source License The Unlicense (Public Domain, essentially)
  24. Hello @Nicole, When making a request or a bug report pertaining to a specific workflow, please do not open a new thread to discuss your issue. Making a new thread, while it seems like it’ll give your problem visibility, will only fragment the discussion and make it less likely the author and users of the workflow (the people that can actually help) will see it. Instead, search for the official post of the workflow and ask your question there. Also, please always start by reading the Reporting Problems with Workflows thread, and the others it links to.
  25. I did take my precautions. I went to the image from imgur instead of directly clicking. It did occur to me it may have been a specific compromised page on imgur, though.