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  1. Just updated to 4.3 [1191] and my Alfred theme changed to something else, but upon going to Alfred Preferences → Appearance, my theme was still selected. Simple fix: had to select another theme and then mine again to get back to normal, but this might be worth fixing internally. Naturally, due to the nature of the issue I can’t retest to make sure it wasn’t an isolated incident. macOS 10.14.6 (18G6032) Alfred 4.3 [1191]
  2. Insignificant bug. Mentioning it in case the parser at work has repercussions in other areas. Both of these Open URL use the default settings. The sole difference between them is that the left one’s URL is https://example.com/without_space and the right one’s is https://example.com/with space. They both work just fine, but the right one does not show the URL.
  3. Welcome, When asking for help with a Workflow, please post it so we can take a look. We can’t know what’s wrong from a description alone, and this looks like a misconfigured Workflow.
  4. Glad to know! That’s the correct though process. In general, people on the forum like to help people who help themselves. Trying to do it sends a very positive message and makes us more eager to help. I recommend against that. Yes, it was the correct tool in this case, but AppleScript is a bad language. If it weren’t because it allows us to interact with (some) apps, almost no one would use it (which is to say, most of us use it because we have no choice, not because we like it). In addition, Apple doesn’t care for it (or automation in genera
  5. On the contrary, it’s quite possible Apple has killed the feature. They’ve been stripping automation features every year. Even this one was always a hacky solution.
  6. Can’t reproduce. Delete the Workflow and readd it, if you want it reset.
  7. I have no idea what that means. Don’t change the code, just add a Workflow Environment Variable named api_key and set the Value to your API key.
  8. Up to you. In the Script Filter click Run Behaviour and define Queue Delay however you prefer.
  9. Make a Script Filter with ruby as the language and this code: require 'cgi' require 'json' require 'net/http' query = ARGV[0] escaped_query = CGI.escape(query) simple_api = 'https://api.wolframalpha.com/v1/simple?i=' + escaped_query + '&appid=' + ENV['api_key'] short_answers_api = 'https://api.wolframalpha.com/v1/result?i=' + escaped_query + '&appid=' + ENV['api_key'] result = Net::HTTP.get_response(URI.parse(short_answers_api)).body puts({ items: [ title: result, subtitle: query, arg: result, quicklookurl: simple_api ] }.to_json) Results are inline and you can
  10. Open Alfred. Press ⌘, (command + comma) to open the preferences. Go to Advanced. Look on the right for Syncing and press Set preferences folder…. Point it to the directory your Alfred.alfredpreferences.
  11. Update. Back to teleosaurs. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
  12. Anything someone with fair knowledge on the subject wouldn’t be embarrassed to recommend. If that fraction is one-third or less, now we’re talking. My current 15″ retina is the best screen in the house and it does the job acceptably. Due to the living room layout there’s no practical and affordable solution that doesn’t involve lugging a laptop. Replacing it with the Macbook Air would mean choices get reduced to either a 13″ retina or 15″ non-retina Windows. I suspect I’d still prefer looking at the smaller screen with that choice, but it might be an
  13. No prices are listed, and that’s the most important metric right now. That looks good, but for that price I could just buy a second Macbook Air or an iPad and have them side by side (and still save money). Or wait and buy the 16″, whose major reason I’m considering not doing is the price. Again, I’m not looking for an external screen because it would make no sense to me: it’s as or more expensive than the alternative, it may mean a performance hit, and it’s not available when it matters most. Even with infinite money (which I very much don’t have)
  14. I doubt that I could go back to a non-HiDPI screen. The few times I have to deal with those (typically on other laptops), it physically (optically) bothers me. I’m not familiar with the external display world (and its prices), but I suspect I wouldn’t be able to get a decent one for less than the price difference of the MBAir and the MBP. And said screen would be stationary on my desk, but I suspect the times when I’d miss the bigger screen would be watching something with company in the living room, which happens a lot. So an external screen wouldn’t be available when
  15. The ARM-compiled thing. According to reports, even Rosetta 2-emulated software my run faster than on Intel Macs, so that might be a thing for a while. “Word on the street” (i.e. speculation) is that we’ll get something other than M1 for bigger / more powerful machines. The most common (and again, speculated) names are M2 and M1X. The latter or a variation thereof seem likelier to me if the new machines launch before the middle of 2021. Then again, naming and consistency (apart from a rock obsession) haven’t been Apple’s strong suit for a while. But i
  16. I’ve combined your two posts. Once again I must ask you don’t serial post in the same thread, it makes things hard to follow. More importantly, rather than a random thread which already got corrections, it would be better to link to someone who has been discussing signing and notarisation for quite a while, paid attention when this was officially announced by Apple, and covered it in detail: https://eclecticlight.co/2020/08/22/apple-silicon-macs-will-require-signed-code/ This still sucks, but presumably (from my limited understanding) it means your things won’
  17. Because Messages on Big Sur is a different app than it had been so far. It’s the iOS app ported to macOS, which probably (I’m not on Big Sur yet to confirm) means no automation anymore. Who you should complain to is Apple. Open the Feedback Assistant and ask for scriptability in their apps. They’ve been gutting it left and right.
  18. Run env by itself in a Run Script (connected to a Copy to Clipboard Output or a Large Type Output or something) and see.
  19. You’d need a checkbox for every startup file of every shell, and there are a bunch of those. Source the .bashrc inside the Run Script, then.
  20. Well, yes, but now that you’ve run another fix beforehand we can’t test if the automated fix works under real conditions, so I can’t implement it. That link above was meant to find out if it worked. I accept recommendations to alternatives. As long as the email inbox can be represented in the URL, it works.
  21. That happens because an app inside the Workflow isn’t signed. Apple demands a $99/year payment for that, which I can’t really justify paying for tools I distribute for free. That’s a simple manual fix, but I’d like to try an automated solution I’ve been thinking about. Does this one work? Also, what version of macOS are you on?
  22. Welcome @daouk, That’s a really weird issue, and looks something related to macOS. Do you have a screenshot of the issue? What theme are you using? What’s your Alfred version? Did you download Alfred from the website or the Mac App Store? If the latter, download from the website because the one on the Mac App Store is old.
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