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  1. Welcome @aFan, Sounds like you have Do Not Disturb on.
  2. Welcome @Lachero, It is, the same way you’d do it in a shell. Call it in a Run Script Action and you’re mostly done. Alfred doesn’t consider your shell’s environment, which means it will have no idea of the node installation. Before you call the script, you’ll need to set PATH to include wherever node is installed, or it may suffice to call it with node’s full path (e.g. /usr/local/bin/node your-script.js). Alfred will wait just like your shell would (or not). You’ll capture the output much in the same way you’d do it there, and whatever you pass fro
  3. Welcome @danielque, Just to confirm, does your edit mean you no longer need help and can handle it from here?
  4. True, but that’s a rarer occurrence and it could be solved just by telling them to open /path/to/cache/dir or cp /path/to/log/file "${HOME}/Desktop" and get the log file. Having to choose one the AppleScript solution seems more useful, is my point. It’s also more future proof and versatile in that it’s independent of the path themselves. An ideal AppleScript solution might even lead to queries like “give me all the default environment variables”.
  5. Yes. Unless they authorise said distribution.
  6. Not necessarily. If you’re making an open-source project that would benefit from the integrations but wouldn’t be a competitor, they may give it a free pass as long as it obeys certain rules. Presumably they’re asking to be contacted so they can tailor the price and conditions to the asker.
  7. You’re free to build those simpler implementations, but not to sell or give them away:
  8. That seems like the best solution. It both allows for more flexibility and doesn’t clutter the interface with something novices don’t need to worry about.
  9. Then don’t make a mess. There are twelve unnecessary posts—all yours—on the first page of this thread (and they are the reason there’s a second page). You post too much too often and it seems to be getting worse. You make new posts like other people make paragraphs. That’s annoying for other users because we get an absurd amount of avoidable pings and your question is all over the place. You’re making more work for us to help you, which is unreasonable and works against you. Pause before you submit a reply. Make sure everything is in there. If you need to add something
  10. Update. Add option to sort by rarity. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
  11. What exactly are you suggesting? That the whole file is copied and pasted as data? Most apps wouldn’t know what to do with that anyway, and that would take an unreasonable toll on Alfred and your machine. Imagine if you copied a 3GB video file: the database would become huge and slow and you’d be consuming a lot of extra disk space, even after deleting the file.
  12. Update. New feature, you can now convert a stream to a local file by acting on it with ⌥↵. It requires the DownMedia Workflow to be installed. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
  13. Doesn’t solve the whole problem, but if you want to paste your last copies in a row, try SequentialPaste (disclaimer: I’m the author).
  14. You can also just press space (a ' will appear), or make your own search, even for online services.
  15. You’re watching the wrong place. That page basically tells you “this exists”. What you’re looking at isn’t a preview panel, it’s the Actions Panel. In that page it’s explained how to access it.
  16. Before posting, please consider what has already been said: Just asking for the feature doesn’t make it possible. It doesn’t depend only on Alfred, but on Microsoft as well. If you know of such an API or another official method to retrieve Edge’s bookmarks, share it so it can be considered. But just saying “I want this” doesn’t make it closer to a reality. It’s been registered that there’s a desire for this feature, now it needs to established if it’s feasible.
  17. It’s not related to the Amazon version, you just found another pattern they use. I’ve just released an update that will catch that and more.
  18. Welcome @optimus1509, It might be possible, but Alfred doesn’t provide any features for that. Something like Karabiner Elements, which interacts with the keyboard at a lower level, might be able to do it.
  19. Update. Better handling of Amazon links, specifically searches. To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.
  20. I see. I hadn’t given a thought as to how Alfred extracts Selection in macOS. Thank you for the explanation.
  21. Typo: I’m curious as to why you’re faking ⌘C plus a delay instead of using Argument: Selection in macOS on the Hotkey Trigger.
  22. What do you mean? The topic is still there and people can still respond. Why do you say it was “closed”? I believe you misunderstood. @deanishe suggested a workaround to your problem, he didn’t say that you should abandon Typinator altogether (more likely that you could switch over the problematic snippets) and definitely did not indicate that every user should do it. He himself uses and recommends different automation tools for different tasks, according to their strengths. I think that in general this post is good, and it’s useful that it exists so others wi
  23. Welcome! Use a List Filter Input instead of Keyword. It will be clearer, it’s fast and simple to setup, and users won’t need to remember the available options and won’t mistype them. You don’t need the shebang line—you’re already using the Python interpreter.It might be best to share a direct link to the download, or make it more obvious in the repo how to download it. Many Alfred users are not familiar with GitHub.You should share the code in the repo, not just the packaged Workflow.If you want to add simple auto-update functionality, I’ve made One
  24. I can’t get it to work even as standalone, your regex is incorrect (why are there § characters there?). Everything else seems set up correctly. Try it with something simpler first, multi-line regexes are harder to get right.
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