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  1. @Tomasz Banas The AppleScript is just setting the volume; it’s not returning it. Hence you’re passing nothing from step two to three. Adding return {query} at the end of the second step should work. But like @deanishe pointed out, in the future please post the non-working Workflow. I’m not absolutely certain of my fix because I don’t have the actual Workflow to test.
  2. Alfred’s documentation is extensive and helpful. You can do a lot with Workflows without even needing to code.
  3. The open command gives us extra control when opening apps, such as making new instances or relegating to the background. This Workflow emulates those options with File Actions. Download | Source
  4. That’s a good idea. Will look into that. But that only solves the issue for my use case. If there’s a way to detect the frontmost app by process ID (there is) and then use that process id to tell AppleScript and JXA to run the actions (I’ve yet to find it), we’d solve every case.
  5. Leave it to AppleScript to be so bad even JavaScript is a better recommendation.
  6. If you’ve set up syncing in Alfred Preferences (under Advanced), that should be taken care of as well.
  7. @deanishe In this case, what I’d need is the PID of the frontmost app and a way make the AppleScript/JXA I use act on that specific one. Reason being simply getting the earliest/latest PID does not work for me, as I have a regular script (launchd) that calls Chrome headless. So at any point the Chrome I want might be the first or last called.
  8. Add an Arg and Vars Utility in the middle and make the Argument box empty.
  9. A treasure chest. If you have two of the same browser, AppleScript will call the last open one. Not sure how to solve that. Haven’t yet (if it exists at all) found a way to uniquely identify the one we want (presumably the one in the foreground).
  10. Call macclean and your keyboard will be temporarily locked (for seconds_to_lock in the Workflow Environment Variables) so you can clean it at will without messing what you’re doing. The workflow will give you a timer of how many seconds are left to unlock and a notification when it’s done You will be asked for your password when locking since this operation requires elevated privileges (which is a good thing). Do keep in mind that if something goes wrong in the process you may need to forcefully restart your machine. That is very unlikely and I’ve been using this for quite some time without any issues, but you should be aware of it. Download | Source
  11. When filtering snippets with the Keyword of Viewer, it only searches the snippet’s information (and inconsistently). Ideally, the snippet’s contents should also be considered when filtering, as sometimes we remember part of the content but not the snippet itself.
  12. I don’t get the relationship. After I call a snippet I don’t see it in the clipboard history viewer. Also, the clipboard history viewer does search by content.
  13. With the open command we have a -n flag that Open(s) a new instance of the application(s) even if one is already running. Occasionally I’d like to do that but via Alfred. Would it be possible to add the option of when selecting an app, if we do so with a modifier key, it’ll launch a new instance of it?
  14. Neither. I probably just threw a bash mv in there.
  15. I don’t have it anymore. @PopSquirrel might.
  16. Create temporary email inboxes via Teleosaurs Mail or Forward Cat. Call any option with tmpmail. Quick email: Create a temporary email address and open a background tab with the corresponding inbox. The address will be copied to your clipboard. Supported browsers: Safari; Safari Technology Preview; Webkit; Google Chrome; Google Chrome Canary; Chromium. Forwarding email: Create a temporary email address that forwards to your real one. This requires you set up forwarding_email. The address will be copied to your clipboard. With any of the options, giving it an argument will try to use that specific name, while leavng it blank will create a random address. Download | Source
  17. @hfr Do you get the same output for both options? What are the versions of the Workflow, macOS, and Alfred?
  18. @giovanni It’s not addressed. It only works when in Alfred Preferences, for editing snippets. What this thread is about is searching contents when wanting to paste the snippets, which is what you do most of the time.
  19. Activate a text field. Then, call Alfred with something like spell word. ↩ on the first result. Now, if you had that setting checked, you’ll see “word” was pasted to the text field you had open. If you had the setting unchecked, you’ll see no result. With both options, “word” will now also be in your clipboard.
  20. I would say this is a complaint to be made on the Adobe forums. At the very least you should look there to see if anyone else has issues with other text expanding software. Nevertheless, try the troubleshooting steps first.
  21. What I wanted was the Workflow version. No. Bottom line, this Workflow calls youtube-dl and tells it to do download the best mp4 version it finds. What the comment states is that apparently Youtube (or youtube-dl) considers 720p the best version, no matter what. Make the change I told you and you’ll fix that.
  22. Download videos from a plethora of video sources, even when embedded to other pages. Copy a link to your clipboard, run dv, and you’re done. The workflow will show you a notification when it starts downloading and another when finished. If you have WatchList you’ll see an option to automatically add the downloaded video to your watchlist. Run with the ⌘ modifier, and the full playlist the video is part of will be downloaded. To see the download progress, run dvp. It will auto-refresh the progress. Actioning it with the ⌘ modifier will restart the current download (adding it to the back of the queue), while actioning with ⌃ will abort the current download. You can also run :downvidservices to install (or later remove, running the same command) DownVid actions to macOS Services. What this means is wherever you find a URL, you’ll be able to right click it and start the download right from the context menu. The two Workflow Environment Variables represent the directories (relative to your home) where videos will download to. Download | Source If on Alfred 2, download this one. Works well with WatchList
  23. @Karl Klammer I can’t reproduce. Works fine here. Are you using the Workflow for Alfred 2 or 3? As for the comment, to make the modification open the Workflow in the Finder and then open the downvid file in a text editor. Search for the file_format line, near the top, and change the text in the parenthesis.