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DNS lookups using Dig...

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I just wrote a dig workflow today, but hadn't gotten around to doing the feedback part list, it just uses notification center to return the first result. Guess I'll scrap it and use yours instead - thanks!


One small thing, it would be nice if it stripped the trailing '.' from the hostname result when copying to the clipboard. I just added

adata=${adata%.} to my copy of the dig.sh script.

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@aquadan - Out of curiosity, why would you prefer to strip the trailing dot?  I thought about it, but left it alone since it's technically accurate.  Not opposed either way, just don't have a good reason...


Mainly because I'm most likely going to paste the address in somewhere to use it and will have to delete the dot if it's there. Since the record is all broken up anyway, there doesn't seem to be a compelling reason to keep it there.

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