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  1. Yep, that did the trick. Im surprised no one commenting on this yet, we must be lacking Asana users around here. Which is a shame, Asana is really great, and so it is this workflow. Thanks man.
  2. Awesome!!! Bumped into a minor issue though. While setting up timezone, I accidentally pressed Enter too soon now im stuck with Africa timezones, can I revert that?
  3. Ahh, that doest the trick, my project was all caps. Thanks.
  4. Ohh, this is nice. Running into an issue though. When i run aget it says it did retrieved the info successfully but then when I try to add a target it always says workspace not found. Any ideias?
  5. Great work Pedro. Im currently using Postbox mainly because of it's keyboard driven workflow (and gmail shortcuts). Your workflow makes want to give Mail app another go.
  6. Great, thanks. Although I totally get the reason to avoid the lack of projects, tags, etc, in my case to be useful it would need to support at least projects. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Can't download the Compress Imagem from github, maybe something went wrong with the latest update. Thanks.
  8. Would it be possible to allow to convert multiple images to a single pdf?
  9. Is there any way to make it open in a new terminal tab instead of a new window?
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