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  1. lmartins

    Moo Blue

    A minimalistic and colorful little theme: Download here: http://cl.ly/1C1I1j073g1m
  2. Yep, that did the trick. Im surprised no one commenting on this yet, we must be lacking Asana users around here. Which is a shame, Asana is really great, and so it is this workflow. Thanks man.
  3. Awesome!!! Bumped into a minor issue though. While setting up timezone, I accidentally pressed Enter too soon now im stuck with Africa timezones, can I revert that?
  4. Geez, thank's for the kind comments. @PSiCKo To change corner radius, just hold the command key while clicking near the corner window. For opacity just use the slider in the color picker when you click to choose a different color. Im also using a hack to have the background behind Alfred's window blurred. Cheers.
  5. Ahh, that doest the trick, my project was all caps. Thanks.
  6. Ohh, this is nice. Running into an issue though. When i run aget it says it did retrieved the info successfully but then when I try to add a target it always says workspace not found. Any ideias?
  7. Great work Pedro. Im currently using Postbox mainly because of it's keyboard driven workflow (and gmail shortcuts). Your workflow makes want to give Mail app another go.
  8. lmartins

    Green and Blue

    I find my self relentlessly changing my themes configuration. Im very picky about not it, currently I'm digging this one: You can download it here: http://cl.ly/1W3W1H3a3S2u
  9. Great, thanks. Although I totally get the reason to avoid the lack of projects, tags, etc, in my case to be useful it would need to support at least projects. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Nice, would be nice if it could add a marked to the menubar icon when the service is stopped. Not sure if that's even possible though.
  11. Hi, I really like to keep my alfred window simple, like this: http://cl.ly/image/0T0D3H2c041V Still i miss having a way to know which action can be called when using modifier keys. One nice addition would be show those action in place of the title when the modifier is pressed. Thanks.
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