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Creating Website Selection with Optional Path

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Hey I am pretty novice with Alfred and I am looking for some workflow advice. I've been able to make a few workflows for files and bash related things but I am struggling with one for connecting to websites. During the day I find myself connecting to a long list of the same websites with multiple staging environments so I setup a workflow so if I type "local" or "dev" I can go through the list of the sites, select one based off the List Filter and then it would open that site in the most recent Chrome window. Now I want to try and add the ability to go to those sites but add an argument for going to the CMS login page OR the main page. So I want to type "local" then select the site then be able to pass an argument or not, so if I don't it just takes me to the main site and if I do I get the CMS login. I am 100% sure that the workflows I created are way overly complicated but again I'm not an expert haha.


Any help would be appreciated.

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I'm going to move this to the Workflow Help & Questions forum, as that's where it belongs.


I'd also like to refer you to the thread on asking for help with your workflow. The TL;DR is: if you want help with a workflow, it's usually best to post the actual workflow so we can see what you're talking about.


Here's a guess at one way you might do that (no idea if it's appropriate without knowing your workflow):


If all your websites are using the same software (i.e. the CMS login page is always at the same relative URL), just add a second Open URL action after your List Filter and add the appropriate relative URL to {query}. Then double-click the connection between the action and your List Filter, and set it to run when CMD is pressed. That way, ↩ opens the website and ⌘↩ opens the CMS login page.


If that's no good, please post a copy of the workflow, so we can actually see what we're talking about. Make a copy and fill it with dummy URLs if need be.


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I appreciate you moving the post for me, I'll make sure to post my workflows and put my posts in the correct topic going forward. I just saw "Discussion & Help" and didn't take the time to fully browse the rest of the topics, so I apologize.


It didn't even dawn on me to create a key modifier as all of the sites have the same admin url. I just spent some time recreating it all and making it A LOT less complicated. I didn't fully understand how the variables and such worked either so once I got that figured out I could use a modifier and be good. Now the URL just populates based off the of List Filter argument and if I use CMD it adds the admin panel path after the site URL.


Thank you for your patience!

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