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  1. Alfred does restore the clipboard immediately. Is there a particular application you're seeing the wrong text pasted, or is it in everything?
  2. First download and install the updated version of this workflow (I've added an External Trigger). Then open the Firefox workflow’s script directory (ffass > Open Scripts Directory) and use Script Editor to save this AppleScript in it (call it “Search Site” or similar): on run (argv) set _url to first item of argv tell application id "com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred" to run trigger "search-site" in workflow "net.deanishe.alfred.demo.universal-google" with argument _url end run Now you should have a new "Search Site" action available in the tab actions and bookmark/history search in the Firefox workflow. You can assign it a Hotkey by adding one to the workflow similar to the example ones.
  3. I wouldn't have thought so. It's possible it skipped it, or that applications have different paths on the new machine, so Alfred isn't recognising them as the same items.
  4. Hi @nathansu, welcome to the forum. I think you misunderstand slightly how Alfred sorts suggestions: by default, it sorts them based on your previous choices. Your old Mac showed Calendar.app for cal because that’s what you’d trained Alfred to do. It sounds like you didn't copy Alfred's "knowledge" over from your old machine, so it has forgotten everything it learnt about which item you want for which query. Also, by repeatedly selecting the same wrong result for cal, you’ve basically been training Alfred to do the opposite of what you want. If you want to associate cal with Calendar.app, then just enter cal into Alfred and consistently action Calendar.app two or three times, then Alfred will remember. That's usually enough, though you might have to do it a couple more times to undo the association with Calculator.app that you've probably created.
  5. Not as-is because Firefox is stupid. But it could be made to work in a couple of ways if you have my Firefox workflow.
  6. This workflow can open a site-specific Google search on the domain of the selected URL. In addition to a Universal Action, I've added a Hotkey to trigger the workflow that can grab the URL of your current browser tab, to save you having to select the URL. You should be able to figure out how it all works.
  7. You can't, I'm afraid. One application can't override another's hotkeys. It's just not something macOS supports. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes something weird happens instead.
  8. Hi @magobaol, welcome to the forum. Yes. Expanding ~ to your home directory is something that bash (and zsh) does only when it’s directly specified as an argument. If you have a variable with ~ in it, you just have a tilde character. Putting tagbuddypath=~/dev/tag-buddy in your script will work because bash will expand the tilde before setting the variable, but Alfred doesn’t expand tildes in your workflow variables. If you want to be able to specify paths with ~/ in Alfred’s settings, you’ll have to manually expand the tildes in your script. Same goes for other variables (i.e. you can’t use $HOME/Documents in Alfred’s workflow variables table, either).
  9. Oh right. I think you need to install the command-line developer tools. Try running /usr/bin/python3 or /usr/bin/git in Terminal.app. macOS should ask you if you’d like to install the devtools.
  10. What backup? Alfred doesn't have a backup feature.
  11. I can't tell you anything from that video. Use Alfred's workflow debugger to see what's actually going on.
  12. What do you expect me to do? Guess the right location?
  13. Here's a workflow that should show your Carbon Copy Cloner tasks in Alfred. It works with the sample input you gave me.
  14. There are lots of existing threads regarding (problems with) Google Drive File Stream where you can discuss the app. Please don't create another one.
  15. With showing the list in Alfred, sure, but not with making CCC do anything with them because I don't have the software. If one of you can post the CCC command-line command to start a backup given its name, I can wire it all together for you. Also please post the full output of this command: "/Applications/Carbon Copy Cloner.app/Contents/MacOS/ccc" -i (without the awk etc.) Feel free to anonymise task names: it's the structure that I need to know.
  16. Awesome. I've added the change to the official version, so the next update won't break your setup.
  17. There's a configuration file called client_rules.json in the workflow. Change "names" from true to false on line 78 in the MS Outlook config.
  18. Huh. Looks like URL handling has changed. Try this: open -b com.microsoft.Outlook 'mailto:John%20Cleese%20%3Csillywalks%40theministry.net%3E'
  19. What happens if you run open -b com.microsoft.Outlook 'mailto:John Cleese <sillywalks@theministry.net>' in Terminal.app?
  20. The error message says the workflow is failing to run Microsoft Outlook. Do you still have Outlook? In any case, go into the workflow’s settings (keyword mailto), use “Force Reload” to update the list of email apps on your system, then change the email client to something else. Then change it back to Outlook if you still have it.
  21. I can't help you if you can't give me something more concrete to work with than "not working".
  22. The command isn't correct. There's a double quote missing at the beginning.
  23. No, they aren't. Workflows are free, open-source software: you get source code, not guarantees. As malicious as a workflow could potentially be, this is simply not something you need to worry about in practice. A malicious workflow would be absolutely unprecedented, and Alfred workflows are simply not an interesting attack vector because they normally only have a minuscule number of users (in the hundreds to low thousands), a very high proportion of whom are technically-sophisticated users who'd immediately notice anything dodgy. If you want to be extra careful, stick to workflows that have a forum thread (there'll be a link on the workflow's Packal page), and check the thread before installing. That will also clue you in on any bugs or other genuine issues. It's probably also worth noting that Packal is basically a zombie. It hasn't been maintained in years, and as a result, a lot of people don't put their workflows on the site or update the ones they do have on there.
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