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  1. Apple changed way the metadata search engine interprets hyphens. @Andrew might be able to give you some details. I think you can work around it with asterisks (i.e. *DummyWord*), but that’s a pain
  2. Well, one of the issues is that voice output isn't available for Mongolian. I suggest you ask for help on GitHub, where the actual author is.
  3. @Bi1l When a workflow isn't working, always check Alfred's workflow debugger for an error message. We need more information than "it doesn't work" to possibly be able to help.
  4. You already asked this question in the workflow's own thread, which is the right place for it. There is no need to start a new thread as well.
  5. I think you will need a workflow. That toggle for Calendar is for ICS files, which as with Mail, Apple no longer really makes available. IIRC, Calendar only exports ICS files for local calendars. Everything else is locked up in a database Alfred can't read. You're looking at the File Search settings. They only apply to contact or calendar or bookmark files. That is, .vcf, .ics or .webloc/.url files. The search does not include your Calendar.app or Contacts.app databases or Safari's bookmarks. If you want to search your Contacts.app database, turn
  6. You could just make a copy of the themes directory inside your Alfred.alfredpreferences bundle.
  7. In this case, I imagine checking the file belongs to the user (and that they have write permission to the destination in the case of Move) would identify the vast majority of situations where Finder is going to ask for authentication.
  8. I'm afraid you probably can't search email: Apple blocked 3rd-party apps from doing that in Catalina.
  9. TIFF's a complicated format. I'm sure it supports JPEG compression, amongst other things. You should be able to use the string public.jpeg
  10. For workflows? If you’re going to release it, today I’d recommend hardcoding /usr/bin/python3 and calling it “Catalina and later only”. Perhaps use export PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin python3 myscript.py "$1" to allow it to fall back to a Homebrew Python 3 on older OSes. I’m generally a fan of hardcoding the system version of Python, so you know what you’re going to get. You never know what other people have symlinked to /usr/local/bin/python3, and it'll likely be you they ask for help when your workflow doesn't run on some weird, stripped-down Anaconda Pyth
  11. I forgot to answer the actual question… The workflow doesn’t ask Alfred to open URLs, it performs all actions itself using built-in scripts, which is presumably why Choosy isn't working. You need to add a custom script to open URLs in Vivaldi (or whatever), and set that as the default URL action in the workflow’s settings.
  12. My Mac Pro died, and the new iMac has Catalina, so I do have 14 now. Apple removed the ability to use extensions, which made Safari useless to me. They've added support for some WebExtensions APIs, but it's still half-assed. So I switched to Firefox and wrote Firefox Assistant to replace this workflow.
  13. Glad you figured it out. Is that script right? You're putting the JPEG data on the clipboard as TIFF data.
  14. You’ve actually hardcoded /usr/local/bin/python3: query=$1 /usr/local/bin/python3 ansible.py ${query} FWIW, there’s little point in using /usr/bin/env in a workflow. Mac apps don’t use your shell environment, so /usr/bin/env python3 is basically always going to be /usr/bin/python3.
  15. Generally speaking, no, you can't tell Alfred to use a different browser to your default one. Neither globally nor for specific features. You can specify a different browser in a workflow, so if there are just a few you want to open in Brave, you could recreate them in a workflow (it's only a Keyword plus an Open URL). Choosy might also be worth a look. You can set that as your default browser and have it send URLs to any browser you like according to your own rules.
  16. Hi @sosaveme, welcome to the forum. I don't know what the exact pattern is, but I can tell you that it's not Alfred. Alfred just asks macOS (or an application) to open a link. How the application behaves (new tab, new window etc.) is up to the application itself.
  17. That only works with text. You can't pass around binary image data in a workflow. If you want to manipulate images on the clipboard, you'll have to do it via Apple's APIs.
  18. Doesn't matter, I'm afraid. People will still add too many workflows and they will still add slow workflows, and then they'll write Vero an email asking why it doesn't work. I'm sorry, there isn't really a balance to be struck. For a feature to be considered, the risk of misuse or misbehaviour must be basically zero. The Alfred team just doesn't have the capacity to be fielding an extra bunch of support requests, and you can't make trade-offs when you've nothing to trade with.
  19. What about activating Alfred with a different hotkey? I ask because F-keys can be a bit special. It might be some weird edge case.
  20. So if the frontmost app isn’t responsive, neither is Alfred’s hotkey? Have you tried with other hotkeys? Like CMD+SPACE? See if it’s specifically related to F-keys?
  21. Alfred only has an option to launch Alfred on login, not Alfred Preferences. It's some other mechanism starting that. Make sure it isn't running next time you reboot, and check that you don't have it in System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login items.
  22. Warnings don't work, unfortunately. People still do whatever it is you warned them not to, and then complain or ask for support when it works poorly like they were warned it would. Alfred already runs everything concurrently. That's one of the potential problems. Alfred runs every workflow script in a new process, so setting a whole bunch of workflows to be run every time Alfred performs a search is a great way to drive your computer to its knees. Especially since some of Apple's new security crap they added in Catalina grinds to a halt when you try to start a
  23. ShortcutDetective from this page is great for figuring out which app keypresses are going to.
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