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  1. You can use AppleScript to tell Safari to execute JavaScript in a tab: tell application "Safari" to do JavaScript "alert('injected JS!');" in document 1
  2. Right, sorry. I got confused and was holding tightly onto the wrong end of the stick there…
  3. Not directly, no. Alfred is a launcher, not an automation app. It is designed to run things when you tell it to, and its native integration with other applications generally doesn't extend beyond telling them to open things, and in some cases, allowing you to search for the thing to open (e.g. 1Password or browser bookmarks). Alfred can run your Automator workflow for you, though. Or an AppleScript (or shell script etc.). But essentially, if you want to do more than just open something, it's up to you to first write the script/Automator workflow to do what you want, and then tell Alfred how you'd like to run it (keyword/hotkey).
  4. Brave and 1Password. All Alfred does is tell 1Password to "open item with ID XXX-XXX-XXX". What happens after that is down to 1Password and your browser.
  5. No. You can't use SHIFT as the only modifier. I assume this is a deliberate choice to stop people breaking text entry too badly.
  6. Is there actually a bookmarks.html file in that directory (i.e. at /Users/aawoepifj/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/vthbw7qx.default/bookmarks.html)? Try restarting Firefox again.
  7. Well, Apple are doing a good job of pushing people away from Safari by utterly crippling its support for extensions in v13, but Firefox is always going to be less popular in communities like Alfred's as long as it has no support for AppleScript.
  8. What does Alfred's debugger say when you run it?
  9. @Aadako: Please don't start new threads for problems with workflows. It clutters up the forum. Comment in the existing workflow thread where the author and other users will see it. EDIT: I've merged the threads.
  10. Pretty sure this is correct. Catalina won't complain about binaries you compiled yourself.
  11. No. Firefox does not integrate with Alfred and similar tools because it doesn't support AppleScript.
  12. Workflows aside, pretty much any time you tell Alfred to open/run something, it just tells macOS to open/run the thing. So if X doesn't open, it's most likely a problem with X or with macOS.
  13. System Preferences, not Alfred Preferences. If you don't know "System Preferences", then you presumably don't have your macOS set to English, so your thousands delimiter isn't set to comma.
  14. What do you mean "wrong folder"? Is Alfred not finding applications it should find? Catalina moves the system to a separate, read-only partition, so built-in applications are no longer in /Applications. As I understand it, selecting the "macOS Applications folder" option adds Catalina's new directories to your Search Scope.
  15. This apparently works, but it's a right PITA. I don't believe there's anything Alfred can do about it, nor any changing of Alfred's permissions that can help. Catalina simply does not want to run executable binaries that aren't signed with an Apple Developer ID, and makes it very difficult to do so. The problem is entirely of Apple's making, and they're the only ones who can fix it.
  16. The default is actually ~ because you set bearTemplateDirectory to "Don't export", which means it's empty… @RobinB You need to go into the workflow's settings (the weird [𝑥] icon) and set bearTemplateDirectory to .bear-templates
  17. May I ask the reason you need to quote the input?
  18. That is correct. Omit type if you are specifying the path to an image file you wish to show. Use type="fileicon" to show the icon of the file you specify (e.g. an application's icon), and type="filetype" if you are specifying a UTI (e.g. public.folder).
  19. It works for me if I remove the type attribute (which is the correct configuration): sips. But PDF should work.
  20. We can’t tell you what's wrong with a script or workflow we’ve never seen. Please upload your workflow somewhere and post a link to it.
  21. AFAIK, the default is to use whatever you've set in System Preferences.
  22. The simple answer is "use a snippet if possible" because Alfred will do that for you. More generally, you need to save the current contents of the clipboard (using, e.g., pbpaste), run your Paste action, wait for a fraction of a second for the paste to complete, and then restore the clipboard (pbcopy). The problem is that pbcopy and pbpaste only understand text. If you want it to work with all types of data, you'll have to mess around with AppKit and NSPasteboard.
  23. This solution was posted to one of my Go workflows: https://github.com/deanishe/alfred-sublime-text/issues/20#issuecomment-539578934 It's not very straightforward, though.
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