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  1. You need to install Homebrew: https://brew.sh/
  2. Install the workflow, add some searches, and then look at the configuration files created in the searches subdirectory of the data directory. I can't give you a more real-world example than that.
  3. Not exactly. Engines (in the workflow's terminology) are collections of searches ("variants"), typically different regional/language versions for a single site. You could also use engines to group searches by topic. The configuration files for the individual searches you add to the workflow are in the searches directory in the workflow’s data folder. If you add a new engine, it shows up in the workflow’s settings (from where you can add/remove searches). If you add a new search configuration, a new Script Filter will be created for it next time you run searchio > Reload.
  4. As soon as you introduce prefixes, it makes having this built in to Alfred a rather moot point. In that case, you can use a workflow and make it behave exactly the way you want.
  5. @chris Have you looked at Searchio!? It's basically what you're describing, only it's for providing search suggestions from different search engines, not just generating search URLs. It's fairly simple to add custom search engines or specific searches, including your own icons. It doesn't do what you're trying to do, but it's probably worth looking at because it covers all three of your bullet points.
  6. You have to set the workflow up to use it. Add some searches with searchio > All Engines ….
  7. No it wouldn't. Getting results for a single autosuggest endpoint is trivial.
  8. Why do you think other people would want to install all of them? No. A URL needs to be under ~2000 characters to work reliably across browsers. If icons and batch import are important to you, then you can add them directly to the Alfred.alfredpreferences bundle.
  9. Please don't try to generate JSON by smushing strings together. It never works. As you noted, Alfred does accept invalid JSON (trailing commas aren't actually allowed), but it's only so lenient. Use a language that has proper JSON support.
  10. If the troubleshooting passed, it's likely that you haven't configured Alfred correctly or are using the wrong search. Please describe exactly how you're searching for files.
  11. Long-press on the title (with a touchpad). Don't know about a mouse. Double-click?
  12. Are you not using a real JSON library to generate the JSON? If not, you should, or the workflow is buggy.
  13. I was pointing out that your thread title and post talk about File Filters, but it appears that you actually mean List Filters (that's what your screenshot is of).
  14. It's a super-common occurrence with my workflows because they all have log files. Asking users to run shell commands is a fundamentally fraught proposition. Look at all the screw-ups in the DownVid thread. It still requires running a script. My preference would be for context-menu items ("Reveal Workflow Cache in Finder" + "Reveal Workflow Data in Finder") that are greyed out if the directories don't exist.
  15. They're just ZIP files with a different file extension (containing JSON files), though as you've noticed, you'll just want to save them as JSON files to Alfred's preferences bundle.
  16. I presume you will need an iTerm script to open the splits (unless you're using tmux). Me, no. I don't do any iTerm scripting.
  17. They do when you need a log file or some cached data to debug an issue they're having.
  18. It has (and I think I've been using it almost that long), but SoulverCore is only a few months old. Giving away the core library that powers your (paid) application is a very unusual move. Given the high price of Soulver 3, it seems they're focussing on hardcore users, but I could still see the availability of SoulverCore for free hurting their sales, with simpler, cheaper implementations covering many users' needs. At this point, I'd call it a business experiment and wouldn't be surprised if they removed SoulverCore or started charging for it at some point.
  19. True, but the downside is that it would make Alfred dependent on a binary library that @Andrew (Alfred's developer) has zero control over. When adding a built-in feature, the Alfred team are basically committing to supporting it forever (because users can get really annoyed if their favourite feature disappears or stops working). That isn't a promise they can realistically make with a binary library because they can't fix any problems with it. If SoulverCore stops working on some future version of macOS, then it's game over. For that reason, I think it's very unlikely t
  20. SoulverCore could probably be built into a workflow if someone were interested enough to do it.
  21. Use searchio > Reload to re-add your searches to the workflow. Unfortunately, they get removed after an update (that’s just the way Alfred works).
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