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  1. TBH, you should stick with Python 3. Python 2 is no longer supported and will be removed from macOS soon. Python 3 is installed by default on Catalina. Just not on any older versions of macOS.
  2. You can't search Apple Mail on Catalina because Apple has deliberately blocked third-party apps from accessing Mail's data.
  3. No. At least not a good one. That's why most workflows are Python 2: it's installed by default on every Mac. It is possible to create a standalone executable from a Python script, but that means bundling large parts of Python with it, and making a 30MB workflow from a 5KB script is pretty user-unfriendly.
  4. Like Vero said, Apple have blocked third-party applications from searching Mail's data.
  5. No. You need to add the correct shebang to your script. If python bookmark.py works in your shell, it sounds like you've installed Python 3 via Homebrew. In that case, the shebang would be #!/usr/local/bin/python If that doesn't work, run the following commands in your shell and post the output: which python python --version
  6. Yes. ts = timestamp. But you should probably replace the entire database with your backed-up one rather than editing it.
  7. Alfred doesn't care which language you write workflows in. But you obviously can't set Language = /usr/bin/python and write Python 3 code in the Script box because /usr/bin/python is the Python 2 interpreter. If you want to use Python 3, either use Language = External Script or use Language = /bin/bash and treat the Script box like a command line.
  8. What does Alfred's debugger say? Also, I'm moving this post to the "Workflow Help & Questions" forum where it belongs.
  9. FWIW, that's not so much a variant as a completely different thing altogether.
  10. It's not that it's overkill, it's that trying to clear Alfred's clipboard history programmatically is fundamentally hacky, and the best way to keep sensitive data out of your clipboard history is to not let it get in there in the first place by marking the data as "transient", so clipboard history apps ignore it. Here's Alfred's option from its Copy to Clipboard output: That's the best way to do it if it's feasible. Otherwise, if you're comfortable coding, and it sounds like you are, the most reliable way is to delete the information directly from the database Alfred stores its clipboard history in. The file is located at ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Databases/clipboard.alfdb and it's an SQLite database. If you want to delete entries up to a certain age, the timestamps in the database use the Core Data, not UNIX, epoch so they're the number of seconds since 1/1/2001. To convert to a UNIX timestamp, add 978307200. To clear the current clipboard, use the command echo -n '' | pbcopy
  11. Just keep using Alfred and it will quickly learn again which order to show things in.
  12. It can, but why do you want to clear the pasteboard and history? It seems an odd thing to want a workflow to do and sounds a lot like a means to a different end. So what's the end goal here?
  13. Not easily, no, but there are a couple of ways it could be done. What exactly are you trying to achieve?
  14. You need to change the AppleScript in the workflow to get Path Finder's current directory instead of Finder's. Here's some JXA code to do that.
  15. You can use AppleScript to simulate the keypress. tell application "System Events" to key code 75 simulates the / key on the numpad on my full-size keyboard that no-one has anymore. * is key code 67.
  16. You can't do that, I'm afraid. You can delete the entire query with the normal Mac shortcut ⌘⌫
  17. No. The thread title is misleading. Scripts should still work just fine, it's binary files that Catalina won't run without jumping through hoops. What error message are you getting in Alfred's debugger?
  18. Sure. You can use a List Filter or a Script Filter. The former uses a hard-coded list of options, and is ideal for a "dumb" list. A Script Filter executes your own custom script, so you can show whatever you want, and filter your commands however you want.
  19. That's not what I'm talking about. You can also chain as many lists as you want: You can't. Alfred does not allow workflows to use the File Actions UI. You can only do it using the "regular" UI as above.
  20. @Tyler Eich wrote a workflow just for that here: But generally you use multiplication and decimal fractions instead: 15% of 80 is 80 * .15 7.5% of 12.95 is 12.95 * .075 2400 + 15% is 2400 * 1.15 15% off 29.95 is 29.95 * .85
  21. Add your Google account to Calendar.app, and use icalBuddy.
  22. Yes. As it says in the text you quoted, the plaintext version is intended for Markdown documents (or HTML source code). No. It's doable, but that option doesn't exist. If you have Keyboard Maestro, this Paste as Plain Text macro should give you the desired result: Your clipboard history app's "paste as plaintext" feature might also work, depending on semantics. It doesn't work with Alfred's "paste as plaintext" feature, as Alfred recognises that there's already a plaintext version on the clipboard (the HTML) and pastes that.
  23. Right, yes. The API calls comments "stories". It's generally not very clear what you're asking for (particularly in terms of the way the API works). You can't just get a list of all tasks from the API, but rather only tasks within a workspace or within a project (within a workspace), or tasks assigned to you. So can projects be ignored, or should they also be shown? E.g. Title of Task Name of task's project/workspace/both What about sub-tasks? Should they also be listed or be ignored? What about completed tasks?
  24. Have you tried using a Run Script action with Language = /usr/bin/osascript (AS) instead of RunNSAppleScript? RunNSAppleScript is generally a bit weird and shouldn't be used unless you have a good reason to prefer it over /usr/bin/osascript.
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