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Remote Mouse trackpad

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Hi, I'm new here. However I've been using Alfred for a little while now. 


I dont know know if it's been suggested/requested already, so forgive me if this is a repeat, but I would find it greatly beneficial if the Alfred app also had a mouse trackpad feature. 


It it would greatly increase productivity. 


Afterall, what's the point of a "remote" if you have to still get up to access your physical machine to perform certain functions? 





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12 hours ago, Bentley4Short said:

Afterall, what's the point of a "remote"


I think of Alfred Remote as "Alfred Sidekick". It's more an app to keep next to your keyboard than a genuine operate-your-Mac-from-across-the-room remote.


I recommend you check out BetterTouchTool and BetterTouchTool Remote. It works much better from across the room. It has a keyboard, touchpad, and common actions for any app that's running (plus you can add app-specific controls).

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