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Paste notification text to Clipboard

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first off, thanks to the Alfread-team and community for the absolutely outstanding work so far!


I would like to automatically paste the text contents of a system notification to the clipboard as soon as the notification appears on the screen.

Is this somehow possible with Alfred Workflows?


The concrete use case is the following: I regularly login to a secure web portal, the (rather long) one-time password-token for which I get via SMS on my iPhone. This results in a system notification of the Messages app on my Mac OS X computer, which I then have to open and manually copy/paste the one-time password.


xI would like to automate this process with Alfred, if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Cheers, Lasso

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First question isn’t “is this possible in Alfred” but “is this possible at all”? It is but it isn’t fun, and it’s not something you’ll be using Alfred for.


You’ll need to use the AppleScript handler in Messages, so that when you get a specific (or any) message from a certain number to a certain number, it’ll take some action. It’ll work, but you’re basically having a script run (and a small cog appear in your menu bar) every single time you get any message from anyone.


Ask instead on Ask Different or an AppleScript forum. Neither your problem nor the solution are Alfred-related.

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